In our everyday lives, we encounter a range of substances in our homes, working environments and the great outdoors.

Sometimes, we encounter these substances in certain volumes that can be harmful to our health without us even knowing it. These substances include pollutants, such as heavy metals, that drift into our water, into our lungs and onto our skin when we consume contaminated sources.

To cleanse your body of these substances, look no further than an ancient remedy for natural detoxification. That remedy is zeolite, which is known for its myriad of toxic waste-removing, health-boosting benefits.

What is zeolite?

Zeolite is a natural mineral of volcanic origin with high silicon content. With some of the world’s oldest known zeolite deposits being over 320 million years old, zeolite has long been used for health, medicinal and detoxification purposes.

Zeolite in powder form is used to remove toxic pollutants, like heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminium, from the body. It does so by travelling through the gastrointestinal tract electrostatically, where it collects and binds heavy metal ions and toxins on the way. Rather than being absorbed into the bloodstream, zeolite binds these harmful substances like a sponge and naturally excretes them via the intestines.

What can zeolite do for me?

Zeolite has a host of health benefits, ranging from skin and hair care to restoring energy levels.

As zeolite powder removes pollutants such as heavy metals from the body, many problems associated with heavy metal toxicity are relieved when taking zeolite supplements.

The elimination of ‘body burden’ toxins such as heavy metals and air pollutants can significantly improve health, whether that be restoring energy, enhancing immune function, reducing allergy-related symptoms and instigating overall body repair.

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