Our bodies are many things – tall, small, slim, round, different colours and shapes. They can lean towards being more acidic or slightly more alkaline, depending on how you choose to fuel your body. 

A chronically acidic body is something many of us may have without us realising, but it can have some detrimental impacts on your health. From inflammation to illness, higher acidity levels in our body can leave us prone to a greater risk of chronic disease while also contributing to fatigue and feeling of sluggishness. That is why aiming for an alkalised body is important to achieve and maintain long-term health.

The modern western diet, which is laden with meals based on carbs, meat, dairy and coffee, is a prime suspect when it comes to creating an acidic body. That means alkalising your body tends to start with a diet overhaul, replacing saturated fat laden foods with leafy green vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes. 

By eating more alkaline foods, your blood’s pH level achieves a more desirable, less inflammatory state. Balancing your inner pH is crucial to a happy body, so let’s take a look at why it is so important to aim for an alkalised body.

Boost immunity

Unbalanced pH levels can impact your body’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses, so balancing out your body’s acidic and alkaline states can negate this.


Reduce inflammation

Chronically acidic bodies tend to be inflamed, so an alkaline diet that minimises acidity can help keep inflammation – and therefore some illnesses and diseases – in check.

Improve heart health

Typical adult diets are rich in foods higher in saturated fats, which can contribute to heart disease and other cardiovascular illnesses. However, the alkaline diet replaces these foods with healthy options that can boost cholesterol levels and other markers of heart health. 

Boost nutritional intake

As the alkaline diet is predominantly based around fruits and vegetables, you will notice a sharp intake in your consumption of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals to aid your health.

Balances out vitamin and mineral imbalances

Many of us take in too much sodium and not enough potassium, which can detrimentally impact our bone health. Increasing our intake of alkaline foods can reverse this, as well as boosting our magnesium consumption which is vital to many of our body’s enzyme systems.


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