Our food and lifestyle choices play an enormous role in our health. Science has found that over anything else, including exercise, dieting alone can modify body compositions. One incredibly popular diet is the Alkaline diet, also known as the acid-alkaline diet. But what is the Alkaline diet? Why is it so important? How can it improve our health? How do I start? Below, we’ve answered all these questions and more to explain what an Alkaline diet is and how it can help you live longer.

An Alkaline diet is built upon the basis that individuals can alter their pH levels. The pH scale ranges from acidic (0) to alkaline (14), with seven being neutral. The belief of this diet is that by eating alkaline foods, one can alter their metabolic waste (the waste from the chemical break down of food inside the body) to turn acidic ash to alkaline ash. It is believed that an acidic diet can cause greater body inflammation and make you more vulnerable to illnesses, potentially resulting in things like diabetes, asthma, muscle pain and heart disease.

So now that you know the theory behind the alkaline diet, you may be wondering what you should and should not be eating. Acidic foods are mainly those that contain protein and phosphate, so that means avoiding meats, seafood, caffeine, eggs and grains. Alkaline diets look at enhancing your intake of potassium, calcium and magnesium and eating less processed foods, which means eating lots of fruits/vegetables, green juices and nuts.

The good news is that Alkaline World has an endless supply for alkaline-positive products to help you live a more nourishing, nutritious and balanced diet. Their SAKA water, which you can purchase here, is 100% natural alkaline, with an 8.33 pH balance. There is also a variety of supplements and food formulas, like their Alkaline Greens, to help rid your body of acidic and unwanted toxins. They even have alkaline test strips and alkaline-diet books for you to find further tips and recommendations.

With the help of Alkaline World, living a healthier, alkaline-based diet no longer has to be a challenge. Start living a reformed lifestyle now that will leave you feeling energised, fresher and stronger.

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