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Hydration - What most people don't know.
Richard Ayoub
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Whole House Water Filters or Kitchen unit

When it comes to water filters, the subject can be confusing and after speaking to hundreds of people of the years, I find, still, many people are still confused. How...
Richard Ayoub
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Toxins in Your Water

TOXINS IN YOUR WATER While essential for life, your water could be silently destroying your health, one sip at a time. Between industrial dumping in waterways, pesticide runoff, prescription drug residues,...

Why You Should Not Drink Distilled Water

According to one World Health Organization study, drinking distilled water causes your body to lose electrolytes it needs to stay hydrated like potassium, sodium and chloride because it needs to use them to process and absorb the water. This could lead to symptoms that include dizziness, fatigue, muscle cramps and even organ failure. While dehydration from distilled water is unlikely if you are consuming average levels of sodium, the common practice of fasting while drinking distilled water could be unhealthy.

There are several reported cases of people experiencing health problems or even dying from drinking large amounts of distilled water.