When it comes to water filters, the subject can be confusing and after speaking to hundreds of people of the years, I find, still, many people are still confused.

How to protect you and your family best when it comes to water filtration.

Whole House or also known as Point-of-Entry
 systems filter water at the moment it enters your home (before going through your pipes), so all water traveling to your Kitchen,  bathrooms, sinks, showers, taps, washing machine, dish washer. etc., will all be filtered water.

Point-of-Use filters water at a kitchen sink, your shower or bath, or in a water jug directly before consumption. Water is filtered directly before being used.

What is better?

Point-of-Entry is preferable to Point-of-Use since it filters pollutants out of the water and keeps them from entering your home's environment. In reality, chemicals like chloroform and other trihalomethanes can evaporate and enter your home's air during the usage of daily domestic equipment like your washer machine, dish washer, toilet, and so on.

Chloroform is a carcinogenic VOC (volatile organic molecule) that affects the central nervous system. According to studies, exposure to aquatic VOCs like chloroform is SIX times higher by inhalation and skin absorption than from drinking water directly. VOCs such as chloroform evaporate quickly from your water during routine home activities such as dishwashing, garbage disposal usage, laundry, cleaning, bathing, and toilet flushing. At average shower temperatures, for example, 50% of the chloroform in the water escapes into the air—before the water ever hits the shower floor!

Whole House Filtrations or POE systems are the finest line of defence against VOCs and will help protect you and your family from dangerous chemicals emitted into your home's atmosphere.

Aside from providing a cleaner home environment, POE systems are just more handy than a standalone jug, sink, or shower filter. Whole House Systems provide fresh, pure water from any faucet in your home. You don't have to go to the kitchen to obtain a clean sip of water; any tap will provide you with the same filtered, chemical-free water.

Richard Ayoub