Heel pain self care methods

People living with plantar fasciitis or heel pain have several natural healing therapy options. I have included an number of links to site or products I have personally used.

1. Salt Water Soak - place the painful foot in hot water mixed with 1 cup of Blants two salts for 20 mins then rub Golden Releaf into the area.

2. Change your lifestyle and diet to the alkaline living diet, 80% alkaline foods 20% acidic foods, to help reduce dietary and metabolic acidity.

3. Spraying magnesium oil on the bottom of the feet 2 to 3 times a day to buffer acidity and to increase blood circulation to the plantar fasciia.

4. Rebound exercising for ten minutes 3 times a day to increase lymphatic circulation to remove acids from the plantar fasciia. The whole body vibration also helps to vibrate acids out of the tissues causing the pain or inflammation.

5. Mix Zeolite Powder with a little water to form a paste. Cover the feet with Clay for 20 mins to pull acids from the plantar fasciia.

6. Drink 1 cup of cherry juice every night before bed to maintain healthy levels of Uric Acid

7. Massage Therapy - the most effective massage technique I have found is the Chinese technique of Gua Sha. It is simple and only takes a couple minutes. It involves using a dull blade like tool held at 45 degrees and scraping along the area to be treated. If you can reach the area, you can do it yourself with a little coconut oil.

8. Walking barefoot on the grass, earth or sand for 20 minutes 3 times a week, known as earthing, has been shown to reduce inflammation

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, approximately 98 percent of those suffering with plantar fasciitis will get better with a proper alkaline diet and exercises.
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