Terahertz Wand Pro Blame

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Terahertz Wand Pro Blame
This is the grand daddy, the ultimate most powerful Terahertz wand on the market.


Comes in a beautiful case.

Adjust the desired blowing strength: 
Position 3 : High speed, high heat
Position 2 : Medium speed, Medium heat
Position 1 : Low speed, low heat
Position 0 : Off

1. New product packaging box is more advanced. It is a professional suitcase, which is not only convenient to carry but also protects your wand.

2. The physiotherapy effect of the new product is better. It is our latest version of physiotherapy product, so the technology and function are better than those of the previous devices, which is very important to consumers. Their treatment time will be shorter than other devices, the curative effect will be faster, and the body will recover faster (compared with other devices on the market).

3. We have certification and report. The results obtained by professional testing agencies through precision detectors conform to the sales standards of various countries and have good effects on human health. This is the best proof of the quality and effect of our products. Moreover, we have a one-year warranty. The device will be issued only after being inspected by our quality inspection department before delivery. 

4. The new product has blue light technology. Blue light technology is beneficial to our skin, such as skin beautification, including anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturising, brightening skin tone, tightening and smoothing skin, etc.

5. Quantum light waves and terahertz technology have the following benefits:
1) Strengthen healthy cells and trigger dormant cells.
2) Helps the body to repair itself.
3) Regulates endocrine disorders.
4) Improves microcirculation.
6) Relieves all kinds of inflammation and pain
6) Get rid of dampness and cold in the body

6. Negative Ion technology
Hundreds of millions of negative ions, high negative ion concentration, deepens the protection of the skin, can improve the living environment of cells, improve cell vitality, enhance human immunity, self-healing ability, effectively prevent and improve various chronic diseases, improve and protect the health of family members as a whole, improve and regulate the nervous system, regulate the process of inhibiting excitation, play a role in calming sleep, stabilising emotions.

7. Warm air can quickly open the pores, and terahertz chip issued by the combination of terahertz waves, can be deep activation of cells, improve internal circulation, etc.; negative ions emitted by the negative ion emitter combined with blue light and cold air can beautify the skin, nourish the skin, give the skin deeper protection

• Before cleaning the Hot Air Blower, always turn it off and disconnect it from the power outlet.
• Never submerge the Hot Air Blower in water or any other liquid.
Do not use abrasive cleaning products, alcohol, petrol or similar agents. 

More Info

Resonates with our cells frequency thus activating healthy and dormant cells, while eliminating bad, mutating cells in the process.

Generates scalar energy that energises our cells, increases energy fields around the cells, and produces healing energy and passes through any object through quantum entanglement.

Optical Quartz
Amplifies the frequency generated by the device. Made of hundreds of exclusive mineral ingredients. This core component is produced through high temperature moulding technology, reaching almost 2000 degrees. Mimics 1/40 of the sunlight's energy. It strengthens auric fields in the body.

Wave of Life
It matches the vibrational frequency of the human cells. It resonates with the human cells to activate the cells to function optimally.

Light of Life
2 - 17 THz, which is very good for human body. Frequency Range 100ghz - 10THz, wavelength 30um - 3000um can pass through non-conducting materials, like clothing, paper, plastic and glass.
Terahertz technology has been widely used in medical, aviation, drinking water and other environment life fields.

God's Waveband, also called Mini God in Asia.
Ranked as 'The first of the ten key strategic goals of the national pillar and gave the nation's strength to conduct in-depth research and development.

Benefits f Terahertz Technology

Eliminates Unhealthy Cells 
Same frequency as healthy cells. Unhealthy, abnormal and bad cells will be optimised, absorbed or eliminated.

Activated Inert Cells
Activates cells with moderate temperature, thus eliminating dormant cells.

Increases Self Healing Ability
Strengthens DNA and Organic Molecules, thus enhances self repair.

Unblocks Meridian & Lymph Points
Unblock meridians, stimulates acupuncture points, purify blood and increase metabolism.

Improves Microcirculation
Dilates blood vessels, reduces blood flow resistance and viscosity.

Regulating Gland
Optimises hormones, neurotransmitters, organs and glands.

Removes Body Humidity
Clears unhealthy body moisture and balances the body's immune system.

Blood Circulation
Cleanse blood impurities and inner body. Optimises blood circulation and blood vessels.


Advantages of Terahertz Wand Pro Blame

1. Eliminate unhealthy cells. Terahertz frequency energy resonates with our normal cells. All abnormal or mutated cells will be absorbed and eliminated.

2. Activate inert cells. Terahertz frequency will absorb and activate cells with moderate temperature, thus eliminating dormant cells.

3. lncrease self-healing. Terahertz frequency reduces and strengthens DNA and organic molecules and resonates with our cells thus enhances self-repair.

4. Clear meridian and lymph. Terahertz frequency unblock meridians, stimulate acupuncture points, purify the blood and increase metabolism.

5. lmprove micro-circulation. Terahertz frequency dilate blood vessels reduce blood flow resistance and viscosity.

iteracare wand

Activate cells

iteracare wand

stimulate circulation

iteracare wand

Relieve pains effectively

Work Principle

The hot air quickly opens the pores and combined with the terahertz wave emitted by the terahertz chip, can deeply activate cells and improve internal circulation, etc; the negative ions emitted by the negative ion emitter combined with blue light can beautify the skin and give the skin deeper protection; the rare earth alloy tube is rich in trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, and can gather blue light and terahertz waves to transmit all energy to the human body, improve human immunity, regulate sub-health, and enhance self-healing ability.

iteracare wand

Assisted relief because of me

After the physiotherapy device is energised, it emits heat and light, which is rich in a variety of electromagnetic wave elements that are beneficial to the human body and resonates with the corresponding elements in the human body to achieve physiotherapy.

iteracare wand

Warm your back

Circulate from head to toe.
(repeat 3-5 times)


iteracare wand

Covernor Meridian Physiotherapy

Blow from top to bottom, left to right
Each operation 8-16 times

iteracare wand

Bladder meridian dredging

Shoulders first, then from top to bottom,
Blow circles circularly left or right, and repeat 8-16 times each side

iteracare wand

lnner Leg Physiotherapy

Legs, blow at a constant speed, each operation 8-16 times 

Why choose us?

The terahertz device are convenient for your operation and maintenance. The product can be widely used in home and commercial environments to meet the needs of different scenarios.

The price of our terahertz instrument is affordable, so that more people can enjoy its magical effects. High power output can provide more powerful therapeutic effect, so that your body can be fully relieved and restored.

Terahertz technology uses electromagnetic waves to penetrate deep into the body, reaching the bone marrow, improving blood circulation and strengthening the immune system. As a far-infrared resonance frequency technology, the terahertz therapeutic device provides energy and catalyses repair for cells through vibration at the microscopic level within the cell structure, so as to perform its functions more effectively.

The device can penetrate the body to a depth of 20-30 cm using the targeted frequency without causing discomfort or irritation during use. Terahertz resonates at the same frequency as human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second. Electromagnetic waves in the terahertz range have been widely used in medicine as modulating biophysical factors for various diseases.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paul W
Incredible Device

After using this wand for a few weeks, both a fluid lump on my elbow and a lump on my head reduced quite markedly overnight after using this device.
Also, a back and associated leg pain both decreased straight away after each session. I would recommend to anyone with pain issues as I'm sure it aids in recovery.

kathryn milin
The best thing since sliced bread

Has done magic with my 80 year old friends Bell’s palsy within days. ♥️

Stretch marks I have had for over 30 years disappearing before my eyes 😱

Massive improvement to my hair which was thinning and grey.

I’ve also noticed that my cellulite has almost gone which I wasn’t even thinking about - I was targeting those pesky stretch marks. Bonus!

Amazing product. The technology works. This is the better quality one out there on the market. There are some inferior ones (which I also purchased) which still work but may have electrical blow outs as electronics cheaply made. I’m glad this webpage came across my way. I’m
In love.

Anne Lewis

Drinking structured water is so hydrating and the wand is a treasure. My frozen shoulders and broken wrists are starting to feel less pain and more mobility. Great for the skin.Thank you, feel like this is exactly what I've searching for.

Harm Tuntler
Tried out

Haven't felt much benefit yet so hopefully that will improve, not much information on the on off switch could be better, packed well nice case, no info on programming for the locks, doesn't get real hot i mean housing so that is good.