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The ‘alkaline acid food chart’ indicates which foods have an alkalising effect on your body and which foods have an acidifying effect on the body. It is simple to use, you merely look up a food and it will indicate whether it is ‘acid-forming’ or ‘alkaline-forming’ within the body. For good health, try to eat 80% of your food from the alkalising list and 20% from the acidifying list.

The key is to not become too obsessed (stress is acidic), the average person can be safe on an 80% alkaline to 20% acid proportion. However, if you are unwell you may want to consider 100% alkaline foods until your health improves.

It is especially important to eat plenty of alkaline forming foods when you have eaten a larger portion of acid-formers, such as; meat, cheese, milk and grains. It’s not about avoiding these acid-forming foods altogether, it’s about moderation so they yield the greatest good to your body.