Terra Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 4Lt


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Terra Creta | Award Winning | Kolymvari Estates | 100% Pure Greek Olive Oil | Cold Extracted | Protective Designation of Origin | 4 Ltr

It has a rich fruity aroma and a characteristic rich, peppery flavour whose acidity and all other detrimental elements to its quality are maintained at near zero values due to particular care in the cultivation, selection and pressing of the estate crop. Terra Creta Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil "PDO Kolymvari" is subjected to additional and stricter Government inspections and it is certified as to its quality and designation of origin by services of the European Union and the Greek Authorities.

It bears a seal of security with an approved by the EU serial number. It comes directly from the Kolymvari region of Crete, globally acclaimed for its top quality olive oil.

All production phases are controlled by a rigorous and strict quality system, which is based on HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Agronomy is the science and technology of producing and using plants for food, fuel, fiber, and reclamation.

  • Fully traceable to the PDO Kolymvari region - Protected Designation of Origin - where you can find the full laboratory analysis and satellite images of the fields from which your olive oil originated.
  • Cold extracted (better than pressed) with the flesh and pit of the olive separated from the oil by gravity...
  • Certified by European Union as to authenticity of oil. Each tin sealed and marked...
  • Multi-award winning, Internationally-renowned, high-end extra virgin olive oil from Crete, Greece
  • Packed and bottled at Source in Kolymvari, Crete Greece

Our farmers follow agronomic guidelines and all actions are recorded in a "farming diary". That way we are sure that no unauthorised chemicals are used and that all applications are according to the highest standards of safety. This is confirmed by chemical analysis of the olives, the produced oil and by audits throughout the year.

The Terra Creta mill and bottling plant are certified for oil production and we pride ourselves on being a plasticiser factory. A plasticiser is a substance (typically a solvent) added to a synthetic resin to promote plasticity, flexibility and reduce brittleness. In many factories around the world, plasticisers can be found in plastic tubes and equipment; however, medical research has shown plasticisers to be highly carcinogenic. No plastic materials ever come in contact with Terra Creta’s olive oil as it could contaminate the oil.

We recommend to our consumers that they never purchase olive oil supplied in plastic containers. Our oil is also tested to be free from Heavy Metals PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) that traces environmental contamination from combustion engines, i.e. Cars) Dioxins Halogenic Solvents


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Connie Vella

A good virgin oil.

Lovely Oil

I lived in Crete so I may well be biased, but I think this oil is just divine. I use it for everything!