Polyspun Sediment Filter Cartridges - 20" x 4.5"


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Polyspun Sediment Filter Cartridges suits Whole House 20" x 4.5" Systems.

‣  Highly effective at trapping Sediment, Dirt, Sand, Silt, Loam, Clay, and Rust.

‣  Replacement frequency depends on water quality and usage. However, sediment filters should be replaced at least every year.

‣ NSF Certified Sediment Filters.

‣ Triple Gradient for higher capacity. 

Filtration Technology

Polyspun Sediment Filters have graded density layers, meaning the outer layers are more porous, catching larger particles while the inner layers are a finer micron, catching smaller particles.

‣100% PP for compatibility with a wide range of fluids.

‣Micro-Denier-melt-blown filtration fiber, high removal ratings.

‣Three layers structure cartridge, high contaminant holding capacity, long filter service life.

Instead of dirt being trapped on the outside like other filters, dirt is distributed throughout the whole filter surface. 

‣Formed by thermal bond without use of any fibers or adhesives.  


These cartridges are compatible with the whole house/high flow filter systems, undersink water filters, reverse osmosis systems, countertop systems and more. These filter systems are designed to remove contaminants and protect from the entire water supply to your home – providing near pure water to all the taps and showers in the home.

How often should I replace a sediment filter?

Polyspun Sediment Filter Cartridges are recommended to be replaced approximately every 6-12 months. However, replacement frequency dependents on usage and the water quality.

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