Fluoride Removal Replacement Filters Whole-House Triple System 20" x 4.5"

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This set of filter are for the Whole House Fluoride Removal Triple System.

Please read on for full details about how the filtering system can dramatically improve the quality of water throughout your home:

  • High-capacity filtering system that attaches to the mainline and automatically cleans all water that flows into your home.

  • Dramatically reduces (and in some cases entirely removes) impurities and hardness, including suspended particles, chlorine, heavy metals including lead, zinc and cadmium, pesticides and petroleum products, iron and aluminium, plus the taste and colour is improved.

  • Bottom line - the triple filter system ensures you get much healthier, better-tasting water, with the majority of hardness removed, while keeping beneficial minerals in the water (some other filtering systems remove the good along with the bad, so you end up with tasteless water that has no beneficial minerals left in it).

  • This means you benefit from healthier water for hot and cold drinks, and for cooking.

  • Plus, you benefit by solving the problem of limescale build-up once and for all. This means no more limescale on taps, in the kettle, in your washing machine, in pipes, in your boiler - plus - it makes "streak free" cleaning of your home so much easier.

  • And, when washing, cleaner, softer water is healthier for the skin and hair of every member of your household!

  • The unit achieves this through the application of three types of filtering -- Mechanical Cleaning to get rid of particles in the water, Ion-Exchange to remove the majority of impurities and hardness, and Soption Cleaning to improve colour, taste, odour, and remove further impurities.

  • This powerful filtering system does require a level of comfort in plumbing. If that doesn't describe you, we recommend you use a plumber.

  • This system is made up of a high-quality container. This holds the filtration cartridge. And - we feel so confident about the quality of this product we support it with a three year warranty.

  • This supports cleaning water up to a maximum of 50 litres a minute and of course can handle both cold and hot water.

  • Our filtering cartridges have a surprisingly long life. This again depends on the model you choose, up to a maximum of 50,000 litres before it requires replacing. This on average means one cartridge will last your household a year.

  • And importantly, it will be crystal clear when the cartridge needs replacing since water will no longer flow through at speed. This is unlike many competitor systems that continue to feed water through even when they're no longer cleaning the water. So unlike such products, no guesswork is needed for choosing the right time to replace the filtering cartridge!