LifeSPRINGS Colloidal Minerals 75 500ml

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The Secret to Improving your Quality of Life...... Now yours!

A History-Making Discovery!
PLANT DERIVED MINERALS are one of mankind's most exciting discoveries.

The human body needs 90 nutrients to function properly:

60 Minerals

15 Vitamins

12 Essential amino acids

3 Essential fatty acids

Minerals are essential to the proper functioning of the body. In addition to their nutrient value, they facilitate enzymatic action, and vitamins cannot perform many of their necessary functions without using minerals as catalysts. However, metallic minerals can be toxic and dangerous to the body and metallic mineral supplements are those generally available in most health food stores. PLANT DERIVED MINERALS ARE NON-TOXIC.


Plants absorb metallic minerals from the soil through their roots and convert them into PLANT DERIVED MINERALS. These plant-derived minerals are water soluble and work with the natural body absorption process.

PLANT DERIVED MINERALS are 98% absorbable into the body, hence there is negligible wastage.

They are 10 times more absorbable than metallic minerals. This is due to two factors:

1. They are slightly negatively charged and the stomach lining is positively charged.

2. They suspended minerals are tiny, less than 0.001 micron in diameter. This is less than 1/7000 the size of a blood cell. Because of their small size they are easily absorbed by the cells of the body.

In addition, PLANT DERIVED MINERALS facilitate the absorption of vitamins. This makes vitamins more efficient so you don't have to take as much of them to get the same effect.

What makes LIFESPRINGS MINERALS 75 – superior?

We get our minerals from the plants we eat. Plants cannot make minerals. They get their minerals from the soil. Throughout the world soils are depleted of minerals through centuries of over-farming. As a result we are starved of the essential minerals we need for good health and longevity.

Our minerals are harvested, not manufactured

Our unique source of minerals is an ancient rain forest that the United States Department of the Interior has determined is 60 to 120 million years old, when dinosaurs walked the earth. Located in Central Utah, USA, this is the area that THOMAS JEFFERSON CLARK discovered in the early 1900's.

The minerals are extracted with pure, clear water to the desired density and then processed through an array of filters that allow only the plant derivedl minerals in the final, highly concentrated solution. This mineral concentrate has been sold in the USA for over 75 years.

There are no preservatives, synthetic substances or flavourings added that might contaminate the pure and precious final product.

The importance of balance in all foods is well established, including vitamins and minerals. LIFESPRINGS MINERALS 75 are selected from various segments of the deposit to ensure the broadest balance of all these important minerals and trace elements.

There are over 70 different PLANT DERIVED MINERALS in our product.

These PLANT DERIVED MINERALS have BEEN on the market since 1925. It is the only nutritional product that has a legal decree from a federal court and an approval from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to be harvested and sold as a nutritional supplement because it passed all their tests. Everyone else, who has a vitamin or mineral product just follows the labelling requirements of the FDA.

"You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency"

Linus Pauling, (chemist), Two-Time Nobel Prize Laureate

Typical Analysis (mg/L).

PLANT DERIVED MINERALS in varying presence and trace amounts, including the following:

Aluminium 930 Europium 0.07 Molybdenum <0.05 Sodium 250

Antimony <0.05 Fluoride 0.0066 Neodynium 0.51 Strontium 1.5

Arsenic <0.05 Gadolinium 0.51 Nickel 11 Sulfur 6950

Barium <0.05 Gallium <0.05 Niobium <0.05 Tantalum <0.05

Beryllium 0.28 Germanium <0.05 Osmium <0.001 Tellurium <0.05

Bismuth <0.05 Gold <0.05 Palladium 0.05 Terbium 0.083

Boron 0.88 Hafnium <0.05 Phosphorus 0.66 Thallium <0.05

Bromine 0.013 Holmium 0.11 Platinum <0.05 Thorium <0.05

Cadmium 0.19 Indium <0.0023 Potassium 27 Thulium <0.05

Calcium 420 Iodine <0.001 Praseodymium 0.073 Tin <0.05

Carbon 4020 Iridium <0.05 Rhenium <0.001 Titanium <0.05

Cerium 0.36 Iron <0.05 Rhodium <0.05 Tungsten <0.05

Caesium <0.05 Lanthanum 0.11 Rubidium 0.19 Uranium <0.05

Chlorine 17 Lead <0.05 Ruthenium <0.05 Vanadium <0.05

Chromium <0.05 Lithium 2.8 Samarium 0.25 Ytterbium 0.2

Cobalt 8.3 Lutetium <0.05 Scandium 0.099 Yttrium 5.4

Copper 0.098 Magnesium 3870 Selenium 0.25 Zinc 36

Dysprosium 0.53 Manganese 150 Silicon 19 Zirconium <0.05

Erbium 0.3 Mercury <0.05 Silver <0.05

Important Note: Plant Derived Minerals are non-toxic and negatively charged


Mix 5mls daily after a meal with 200mls of your favourite fruit or vegetable juice, or water.

Children should use 2.5mls per day.

500ml - Family of 4 for 1 month 200ml - Single Person 40 days