Aquarius Water System Replacement Filter Pack


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Replacement Filter Set
Suits the Aquarius Alkaline Ionised Water System

Filter A
PP Sediment Filter Removes Rust, Dirt, Coarse Sand, Scale, Sand, Silt and Others.

Filter B
GUR Fluoride Filter Removes fluoride, VOCs, heavy metals, Un-natural Tastes and Odours found in tap water.

Filter C
KDF Filter Addresses heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide and chlorine. Inhibits bacterial growth.

Filter D
UF Membrane Effective removal of impurities above 0.01 microns, bacteria, viruses, crypto, pesticides, rust and metallic trace elements.

Filter E
Hydro Filter Provides Hydrogen rich water and essential minerals to create alkaline ionised water.

Replace every 12 Months.

*Filter Life may vary depending on water usage and water source.
Please note, we have noticed that in Western Australia, water filters need replacing sooner than recommended.


The new upgraded replacement filters will still fit in your system. The new filters are shorter but are much stronger and filter even better.

They are also simpler to install now, start by turning the water off to the unit. Then simply open the unit cover, start from the INLET plug with Filter A, then Filter B, then C, D and finally Filter E, which will connect to the OUTLET plug.

The remove your old filters, there’s a ring around the elbow plug, simply push that ring in towards the plug and push the plug away from the filter and it will easily come off.

To Connect to new filters, simply push the elbow plug into the new filter making sure it's all the way in.


PS: Please watch the video below on how to remove the filters / elbow connectors.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
A Clarke
Best Filter Ever!

I’ve used many different water filters and systems over the years, and this one is hands down the best. The purity of the water, the taste and freshness, the energy inside it is what makes this water amazing. I’d never drink alkalised water again from an electric machine - this water comes out naturally without any charge, and it’s beautiful. The filter is very easy to set up and use, and changing cartridges is easy also.

Terri Brown
Aquarius Water System Replacement Filter Pack

Have not replaced yet as I will do in March. This will be my second filter pack I have put in since I bought the System. The last one was easy to replace

Cherie Turner

Aquarius Water System Replacement Filter Pack

Dawn Goldsmith
Best water filter

My husband experienced some difficulties replacing the old filter , but he did the job and we have great fresh filtered water for the next year .

Love the System

I love the Aquarius though this time round as the filters have been upgraded and improved, we found installing them harder and found that we had to change the way the hoses sit. The water tastes amazing though with a huge difference with these upgraded filters.