Aquarius Alkaline Ionised Water System - Bench Top Option

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Transform your tap water into pure, clean, Alkaline Ionised Hydrogen Rich Water.

It Purifies down to 0.01 micron.
It Alkalises, creating Real PERMANENT Natural Alkaline water up to 9.5pH.
It Ionises the water Naturally, not electrically.
It creates H2 Molecular Hydrogen (Most Powerful Antioxidant known).

Minerals that are good for you.   

Creates Pure - Safe - Alive Water

The Aquarius System uses filtration and minerals to produce pure alkaline ionised hydrogen rich water without the use of electricity. Ten different types of minerals combined in an advanced five-stage system transform tap water into a vital source of health.
Each subsequent filtration stage significantly improves the drinking quality of your tap water. This system effectively removes harmful substances and replaces them with minerals and trace elements that are essential for your health.

Health-oriented effects of the filters

The cartridges should be replaced every 12 months.

  • Filter A

    Removes larger particles and suspended matter from water, including dirt, silt, rust, corrosion, sand, algae, sediment, scale particles, and cloudiness.

  • Filter B

    German GUR ultra-polymer polyethylene production of carbon rods, pores developed, powder content of 20%, combines with the US multi functional MOX defluorosor absorbent removes fluoride efficiently.

  • Filter C

    Small particles and 100% chlorine are removed, as are microorganisms and bacteria, while important minerals and trace elements are preserved.

    1 Micron Sediment Carbon Block Filter
    Filters sediments such as rust, particles, sand and lead in the water. It removes organic chemical substances such as chlorine, detergent, THM, pigment and carcinogens. Hence, it alone acts like a 2-Stage Sediment/Carbon filter. Foul smell is also eliminated, leaving fresh tasting water for your consumption.

  • Filter D

    Removes major contaminants down to 0.01 microns.
    Removes Chlorine, bad taste, odour and organic chemicals.
    Removes lead, albumin protein, viruses, cysts, bacteria, colloidal silica, mercury and chlorine taste and odour.
    A water ultrafiltration (UF) system is an effective way to remove solids and particulates from your water. Ultrafiltration systems remove all suspended particulate in water to 0.01 micron on a microscopic scale.

    Ultrafiltration removes any suspended particulate larger than 0.01 micron, such as viruses or living organisms.

    Although it cannot remove dissolved minerals, ultrafiltration can remove lead, albumin protein, viruses, cysts, bacteria, colloidal silica, mercury, and chlorine taste and odour. Removes chlorine, fluorides, and heavy metals from water, enhancing its taste.

  • Filter E

    Supply essential alkaline minerals to alkalise and ionise the water and create hydrogen rich water.
    Makes the water alkaline and antioxidant naturally. It supplies essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and silica to promote healthy cells, bones, joints, organs and skin. Furthermore, it decreases the size of water molecule clusters with abundance of negative ions.

Installation is simple.

There are 3 possible connections:
Option A: Bench Top, the unit connects to your sink tap directly.
Option B: Under Sink with a faucet tap.
Option C: Under Sink with a 3 Way Mixer Tap.

One appliance – Numerous benefits

The unit effectively filters many contaminants, including heavy metals, in addition to purifying, alkalising, and adding anti-oxidants and hydrogen to the water.
It provides its users with smooth tasting ionised water that restores the human body's acid-alkaline balance and provides it with concentrated calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Water prepared in an ioniser has an advantageous, very low negative ORP ranging from -300 to -600 mV.

The Aquarius Water is a fantastic 5-stage filter system that uses ten different minerals that have been scientifically combined to convert regular tap water into alkaline, ionised hydrogen-rich water.

The Replacement Cartridges combine ingredients to remove chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, and other potentially harmful substances from tap water, transforming it into delicious, antioxidant- and ion-rich drinking water.

So, What exactly Is a Micron Rating?

The average size of the openings between filter media pieces is measured in microns. A 20-micron filter, for example, has larger openings than a 5-micron filter. As a result, the 20-micron filter element will allow larger particles to pass through than the 5-micron media.

Bacteria range in size from 0.2 to 2 microns in width or diameter and 1 to 10 microns in length for non-spherical bacteria, so a 1-micron filter will remove the vast majority of bacteria and cysts. If you use municipal tap water, the water has already been treated with chlorine and chloramines to remove bacteria, so unless there is a problem with the water pipes between the water plant and your home, you should not have a bacteria problem.

If you have a bacteria problem and are using well water, installing a 1-micron water filter at the point of use will remove the majority of the bacteria (99.9%), but if your water has tested positive for bacteria, you don't have to worry because The Aquarius System can purify the water while also removing chlorine and pharmaceutical drugs.

As a general rule, the lower the micron rating of a filter, especially if you are using well water, the better, but as with most things, there is a trade-off.
Flow capability usually decreases as the micron rating decreases, especially if the water contains a lot of sediment, which well water frequently does.

To overcome sediment-caused flow rate issues, low micron-rating filters must include larger elements, such as a sediment pre-filter to remove larger particles that clog the 1-micron filter and reduce water flow. For example, run the water through a 20-micron sediment pre-filter, then a 5-micron filter, and finally a 1-micron and a sub-micron filter. This process increases the life of all filters, including those that remove disinfection chemicals and byproducts, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, THMs, and other water pollutants.

The Aquarius System removes several contaminants, including chloramine, fluoride, and nitrates.

Our Aquarius water system employs ten different minerals combined in five distinct filters to effectively purify and eliminate harmful chemicals, bacteria, and parasites, resulting in clear and refreshing alkaline water with numerous health benefits.

Product Size 40*10*37cm
purified water flow  0.7L/min
Inlet/Outlet 1/2 "
Filtering accuracy 0.01um
Work pressure 0.2~0.4MPa


More Info:

WARRANTY: 3 Years 

Best water ioniser on the market
Best water filter in Australia
Best tasting water ever
Best Hydrogen machine

All warranty and responsibility is void if the unit is not connected properly and filters are not replaced annually.

Replace filters every 12 Months.

*Filter Life may vary depending on water usage and water source.
Please note, we have noticed that in Western Australia, water filters need replacing sooner than recommended.
Water must be shut off the unit if you are not going to use it for more that 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

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Aquarius Alkaline Ionised Water System

This is our 4th purchase of the same product, we have moved properties and left the system in each property. Best tasting water and provides many health benefits. We are currently using it in a rental on the bench and will install it under the bench when we move. Alkaline World are great to deal with and always answer any queries at any time.