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100% natural premium quality herbal tea, can enjoy any time, GMO and caffeine free.

Ingredients are Yacon crushed leaves.
Our herbal teas are grown using only ancient traditional farming practices, sustainably harvested at peak times, dried and stored appropriately so they are as fresh as can be when you go to consume them.


Probiotic, nutritious, anti-diabetes, anti-inflammation,  antioxidant, hypotensive, anti-stress


  • lowering the level of sugar in blood
  • rebuilding of the gut flora
  • global diseases
  • anti-ageing
  • antioxidant, supplementation of the minerals and scant elements that are important for the body
  • supports blood circulation
  • problems with kidneys or bladder
  • maintaining the proper body weight


Yacon is and Andean plant known for thousands of years. It has been grown because of the tasty and nutritious  bulbs even as far back as by the Incas. Yacon is a plant of medium height, usually up to 2,5m. The stem is round and mostly purple or green. The large leaves are about 22 cm wide and 33 cm  long. Out of it there grow yellow or orange flowers. The most valuable part of the plant is the long bulbs, that can reach up to 25 cm. They resemble potatoes, and are very juicy, crunchy, and sweet. Yacon is often called “the apple of the ground”, because its tastes resembles a mixture of apple and watermelon. Yacon is mainly consumed raw, fresh, or dried. In the recent years, the usage has been extended to the production of syrups, jams, juices, and breakfast cereal. It can also be fried, cooked, or roasted. In some parts of Peru, eating Yacon is still connected with religious or cultural rituals.


The beneficial properties of Yacon have been discovered very early. It contains about 20 different, precious amino acids, fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and enzymes. The bulb of Yacon contains even up to 67% of oligofructanes, and is considered to be their richest source. They are responsible for the plant’s sweet taste. Oligofructanes are a unique type of sugars that cannot be absorbed by the body. They act as a probiotic, fodder for the “friendly” bacteria in the intestine. The pre-clinical research suggest that their consumption can improve the density of bones and protects against osteoporosis. 
Not only Yacon’s bulbs are edible. Also the leaves and stems, that contain up to 11% and 17% of protein, and similar content to the bulbs but have more of a bitter taste. Moreover, the leaves contain some amount of protocatechuic acid, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, ferulic acid. Therefore, the tea from the leaves is a probiotic, and has some antioxidant properties: it eliminates the free radicals, protects the genetic material, slows down the ageing of the body, helps to prevent cancers and sclerosis.
The decoction from the leaves is also used for fighting bladder, liver, and kidneys inflammation. It is a natural remedy for diabetes, that includes insulin-dependent diabetes. As we know, the biggest problem for diabetes is the sudden rise of sugar in the blood, especially after meals. The Yacon tea, if drunk systematically, helps to avoid that problem. At the same time, it prevents the states of hypoglycemia, because it contains large amount of inulin, that is sugar which is not absorbed by the body. As soon as a month later, one can feel the difference caused by a more efficient work of the pancreas, and better absorption of nutritious elements from the food.
The incredible properties of Yacon are there to be used not only by the diabetics, but also whoever else that is sick. Yacon reduces the level of triglycerides and cholesterol, promotes metabolism, it is anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and nutritious.
The research has also proved its positive influence on arterial hypertension (it dilutes blood, and can lower the pressure 5-10%). Moreover it helps to absorb the calcium, and therefore comes useful in treating osteoporosis, as well as vitamin B. It is useful for kidney issues, skin issues, digestive problems, intestines ulcers, it prevents constipations, rebuilds the gut flora, is soothes stress, detoxifies the body, eliminates the free radicals. It acts as an antioxidant, protects the liver, supports the antibiotic treatment when we need to rebuild the gut flora, and it helps to fight obesity. 

Because oligofrucatnes are the main sugars of Yacon, the syrup from the plant is low-caloric, and serves as an excellent sweetener for diabetics, and those on a diet. It is also a great means of reducing the appetite. Because of that anti-appetite properties it is an effective tool for fighting obesity and losing weight, also because of its ability to lover the level of fats. Let’s compare: one jar of Yacon syrup contains half as many calories as the same jar of honey, and because the content of fructose, it does not increase the level of glucose in blood. The plant also slows down the process of ageing of skin. It can make you both feel good and look good.

The abovementioned properties of Yacon, make the popularity of that plant go higher and higher all around the world. Apart from South America, it is also cultivated on a large scale in Japan, New Zealand, the USA, Taiwan, and it slowly making its way to Europe as well.


Leaves: 3-5g of herbs pour over with 700ml of cold  water, and cook on small fire for 5-10 minutes since boiling. Drain. Drink one glass of decoction 3 times a day.

Produced and packed in Peru / 25 tea bags Each x 4/ ALL NATURAL 25 TEA BAGS IN TOTAL

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lynette Prislan
Yacon tea

Have had at least 4 per day for 4 weeks, it doesn't work haven't lost anything.

rosemary ricardo
Slimming tea

I have only given 3 stars simply because i don't know yet if it works. But it does have a pleasant taste so it's easy to drink and has natural ingredients