Alkanatur Alkaline Ionised Antioxidant Jug

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Alkanatur Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher removes Fluorides, Chlorine, Heavy Metals, impurities, etc., Alkaline, Ionized, Hydrogenated water, high pH of 9.5, adds magnesium - Most Certified Pitcher

Best Jug on the market and here's why....


  • The only Alkalizing Pitcher 100% made in Spain
  • Endorsed by multiple university studies Alkanatur is the most certified water pitcher in the market
  • Certified by the Europe Union on products that have contact with food
  • Eliminates fluorides and more: Our Alkamicronized selective patent and activated carbon filter, allows the filter to purify up to 400 liters (106 gal.) of water Free (up to 99%) of chlorine, fluorides, chloramine, Trihalomethane, nitrates, heavy metals, excess of calcium and much more
  • The Antioxidant Alkaline Bioceramics produce an Alkaline pH (between 8.5 and 9.5) without adding calcium or sodium, and adding high quality magnesium
  • Our unique coconut carbon filter has pores at 2nm thick (3 to 8 times smaller than best leading brands) allowing Alkanatur to remove more, and what others can’t.
  • The Alkanatur water filter DOES NOT use Ion Exchange Resin because this process adds sodium to the water (sodium is linked to many health problems), our filter on the other hand removes the sodium, retains the potassium and adds magnesium
  • Generates antioxidants our CAM system (capacity to maintain antioxidants) generates more antioxidants that can reach the areas affected by free radicals in our body
  • The filter is created with 100% natural materials, that do not harm our bodies
  • Innovative Design, Independent tanks that don’t mix the water when served
  • Fits perfectly on the Fridge (and door)
  • This high alkaline water pitcher is free from all types of endocrine disruptors like BHPF, Free of Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Phthalates
  • Type 1 INSULIN DEPENDENCE – significantly reduced oxidative stress after 2 months of use Cardiovascular – considerable lowering of triglycerides which contribute to heart disease

What’s included:

  • Alkanatur Ionised Alkaline Water Pitcher
  • Filter (duration: 400 liters / 105.669 gallons or 3-4 months approx.)
  • BPA-free Water Bottle
  • Strips to measure pH of body
  • Drops to measure pH of water



Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Amnys Darbyshire
Great products Amazing service!

Love the products that these guys have and so very happy to have been directed to them. The other fantastic thing is the amazing service, easy to get into contact with, very knowledgeable, fast service. They tick all the boxes, highly recommend them and will be directing my clients to them for sure!!

Daniel Sibilant

The water taste so much better also, that's a good sign it works!

Alkanatur Alkaline Jug

This jug is very easy to use and water tastes great ! I use it for drinking, watering plants, making tea & coffee & washing my fruit & veggies. Has been so wonderful as we are currently away from our home and it’s good to know we are still getting great tasting water and free from any nasties ! Thank you to Richard who was very informative, polite, kind and very helpful !!!

Fully satisfied

I have been using my amazing jug filter for just over a month now. The water tastes so much cleaner , and we are very pleased with it. Going away on the weekend, so can take clean filtered water with us. Great

William Mahony
Best Ever Water Filter Jug

What a blessing it has been purchasing the Alkanatur Alkaline Ionised antioxidant jug. It’s the perfect size and water from it tastes beautiful, it is saving us a lot of $ from buying bottled water. We also tested the bottled water we had been purchasing and it was acidic…so the jug is way better for our health.. thanks Alkaline world for your great service and quick delivery.