PPARS Plus Cryptomonadales 30 Capsules

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CRYPTOMONADALES® is a whole, raw vegetarian and living food produce.
About 60% of its weight is a composition of various amino acids. It is a completely plant protein with 20 amino acids, necessary to build needed neuropeptides which feed the delicate neurotransmitters or “chemical messengers” of the brain and nervous system, making it one of the highest natural sources of DNA and RNA.

CRYPTOMONADALES® is rich in enzymes and contains more than 4000 natural enzymes. This active, enzymatic property contributes to the efficient digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, allowing greater assimilation of nutrients and proper elimination of toxins without depleting the body’s enzyme reserve, thus letting the body utilize its enzymatic reserve for crucial body functions, including energy production, detoxification and elimination, repair and rebuilding of tissues and cells, strengthening the immune system to fight inflammation and disease.

CRYPTOMONADALES® is a fully certified product and contains no chemical additives, binders or fillers. Each harvest is analysed for quality assurance to insure that it is free of toxins and contamination and GMP certified.

CRYPTOMONADALES® it is a nutrient-dense super-food providing the following benefits: excellent antioxidant, protecting the liver and kidneys. has anti-aging properties. helps to lower blood cholesterol. helps to lower high blood pressure. helps with insulin resistance such as Type II diabetes. can speed up the healing of wounds and burns. improves immune response. has powerful detoxification properties. useful in treatment of arthritis, heart diseases, asthma, and cancer. useful in treatment of psoriasis. assists with weight loss and weight management. increases energy levels.

CRYPTOMONADALES® serves as a dietary supplement to assist patients through their own healing process, and is one of the top nutrients for the absorption and elimination of toxic metals.

CRYPTOMONADALES® has effect to normalize the immune system and metabolic balance in the body, and therefore to balance thyroid function.

CRYPTOMONADALES® contains 44.0 mg of protein and can correct anemia and assist in the transportation of Oxygen.