Aquarius Whole-House Twin Filtering System 20" x 4.5"

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Please continue reading to see how the Typhoon filtering system may substantially enhance your home's water quality:

This system attaches to the mainline and cleans all water entering your home.
Impurities and hardness such as suspended particles, chlorine, heavy metals like as lead, zinc and cadmium, pesticides, petroleum products, iron and aluminium are greatly reduced (and in some cases completely removed).

The Typhoon system assures you get healthier, better-tasting water by removing most hardness while retaining important minerals.

The Typhoon does this by using three methods of filtering: mechanical, ion-exchange, and soption.

Also, the lack of rapid water flow will make it obvious when the cartridge needs replacing. Unlike many competitors' systems that keep pumping water through even when it's no longer clean. 

Stage 1: Polyspun Pre-Filter

This filter is manufactured with a triple-layer structure to maximise the contaminant holding capacity and filter life, whilst also providing a resilient barrier to bacterial/chemical influence. This prevents the build of any unwanted waste (e.g. algae). Sediment filters are compatible with most liquids and are highly effective for sediment, rust, sand, silt, and algae removal.

Stage 2: Aragon Post-Filter

The Aragon filter represents the most up-to-date technology for water treatment and viruses, bacteria and cysts removal, making it possible to get microbiological safe water. Moreover, the Aragon filter is European engineered and designed with a new SGS-polymers material allowing the filter to combine three types of filtration. This filter can remove a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine, chloramines, lead, heavy metals and turbidity all whilst maintaining a flow rate of 50 litre per minute. 

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This means rust particles are removed from the water. What ends up in your water depends on how clean (or dirty) your pipes are, how old (or new) they are, etc.

Maybe the water passes through a rusty pipe to your house. Could rust contaminate your water?

No matter how good your local water infrastructure is, it's difficult to tell what kind of plumbing the water is using.

To be clear, we're not attempting to scare you! We despise scaremongering. However, as pipes age, contaminants can leak into water.

So we're happy to present the Typhoon. We think it should be in every home because everyone deserves clean, nutritious water.

The Typhoon system will automatically operate to keep your water clean and healthy, and will eliminate many of the problems caused by limescale (no more Calgon tablets!).

So mechanical cleaning removes rust and other solid contaminants down to five microns (more accurately referred to as micrometers). 5m if we're being precise!

This portion of the filtration process removes solid contaminants from water many times smaller than the width of a human hair. That's only step one!


"Ion exchange" is a rather technical term. And we're very certain that most of our current (and future) consumers aren't scientists. Pleasing you with scientific-sounding terms isn't the point, so let's keep it simple...

We employ our "Aragon 3" filtering material here. How does that help you? Well...

This substance is particularly engineered to enable water through while "trapping and holding" most pollutants.

Imagine it as a maze. The water simply goes through, but the chlorine, iron, heavy metals, germs, and viruses all hit dead ends and get permanently trapped. No non-clean, non-healthy water gets past this phase!

Moreover, comprehensive research revealed that this component of the filtering process also removes most hardness from water. In fact, this method converts "bad calcium" that causes limescale to "good calcium" called Aragonite (hence the Aragon 3 name).

No limescale buildup in pipes or appliances because aragonite is easily absorbed. So you receive the benefits of calcium without the drawbacks (often costly) of hard water.


Yes, we know this is another unhelpful or confusing phrase. In a nutshell, this step employs activated charcoal and silver to remove pollutants and hardness from water.

Activated charcoal is used in several water filters sold by our competitors. It works for a reason! Charcoal has been used for ages to filter pollutants.

This is one of three steps in the filtering process. These three measures together greatly enhance water quality. That's why we feel our patented, proprietary, powerful filtering material Aragon 3 (step two of this procedure) cleans your water better than most (if not all) competitor solutions on the market while filtering swiftly.

Since 1986, we've been creating water filtration technologies, and we now have millions of delighted clients worldwide, so we're really excellent at it!


What's Removed From Your Water (And What Stays In)?

Perhaps you're wondering exactly what our three-step approach removes from the water coming into your home? Well...

Here's an easy reference - although - this certainly doesn't list absolutely everything that's removed:

Particles measuring ˃ 0.1 μm 100 %

Heavy and radioactive metals
(lead, cadmium, copper, strontium-90, cesium)

Up to 95%


Up to 100%


Up to 92%


Up to 95%


Up to 97%

Petroleum products

Up to 90%

Bacteria and viruses

Up to 100%


And remember:

  • Much, if not all of the hardness is removed from your water.

  • Plus, unlike some filtering systems that remove too much (the good along with the bad), we ensure beneficial minerals are part of your water. This gives your water a better taste, and helps keep it healthy.

Water Filtering Effectiveness Over Time

The efficacy of some water filtration systems is short- Compared to other companies, we take pleasure in our long-lasting filter cartridges that filter effectively for their whole life.

Typically, the Typhoon eliminates pollutants as you use it:
Contaminant Start of Cartridge Life Middle of Cartridge Life End of Cartridge Life
Insoluble particles - rust, sand, silt particles coarser than 1 μm 100% 100% 100%
Iron 99% 99% 97%
Heavy and radioactive metals 100% 100% 98%
Available chlorine 100% 100% 99%
Organic compounds, carcinogens, pesticides 99% 99% 97%
Hepatitis A virus and Escherichia coli 100% 100% 100%


Now, allow us to get a little technical, just so you have all the facts:

Supported water temperature: 4°С up to 95°С
Typical Filtering speed: Standard: Up to 50 litres a minute
Typical Cartridge Lifespan: Standard: Up to 50,000 litres
Case: Made from food-grade big blue housing
Warranty: 3 years
Connection: Connected to mainline.
Filter Composition:
  • Polypropylene pre-filter (filters up to 5 μm)
  • Aragon 3 material (filters up to 0.1μm)
  • Carbon block with silver (filters up to 10 μm)
Further Notes:
  • Works best with continuous use. Filter cartridge may need replacing if unused for a long period.
  • Has pressure relief valve and drainage for accumulated sludge and sediment.
  • Will likely require professional installation. We work in partnership with a nationwide network of plumbing specialists trained in our products, who will install this system for you affordably and reliably.


Tested by Others

Maybe you're wondering:

Do I need to buy a whole new filter?

"Is it better than the alternatives?"

"Is this product any good?" :)
We understand your concerns, but we don't want you to take our word for it!

Millions of Global Clients
It is presently used by approximately 20 million people globally, mostly in Asia and Europe, but also in English-speaking countries...

Our products filter over 100 million litres of water every day.

Plus, our technologies have been validated by over 20 patents and recognised by renowned scientific organisations like:

NSF Global

Our products meet or surpass NSF, the public health and safety organization's requirements.

Affluent Corporation (part of Mitsubishi Chemical)

Due to the fact that our products are supplied in Japan, the technology has been thoroughly tested.


This was validated in 2014 by the Institut Pasteur, a non-profit organisation created in 1888 by the great chemist Louis Pasteur.

Testing & Verification

Ahlstrom Filtration Company (US) - R&D Institute of Flu RAMS Research Institute on Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene

Does it require a licensed plumber to do the installation of the system?

Yes, Whole House Water Filters require handling of the main water pipeline to the property, only a licensed plumber is authorized to do the installation. However, maintenance like the replacement of filter cartridges, etc., does not require plumber services. Where there is no handling of the main water pipeline, DIY can be undertaken. Talk to us before making the decision.