Terahertz Wand Premium

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Terahertz Wand Premium Version 8.0

More Powerful, quieter. longer use without any heat.

Comes in a nice box.


1 Year Warranty.

Adjust the desired blowing strength: 
Position 3 : Medium speed, high heat
Position 2 : Low speed, low heat
Position 1 : High speed, low heat
Position 0 : Off

2. Should the hot air blower stop working for any reason, turn it off at once and let it cool down.
3. Always ensure the switch is set to OFF position before plugging the unit in the power outlet.

• Before cleaning the Hot Air Blower, always turn it off and disconnect it from the power outlet.
• Never submerge the Hot Air Blower in water or any other liquid.
Do not use abrasive cleaning products, alcohol, petrol or similar agents.

More Info

Resonates with our cells frequency thus activating healthy and dormant cells, while eliminating bad, mutating cells in the process.

Generates scalar energy that energises our cells, increases energy fields around the cells, and produces healing energy and passes through any object through quantum entanglement.

Optical Quartz
Amplifies the frequency generated by the device. Made of hundreds of exclusive mineral ingredients. This core component is produced through high temperature moulding technology, reaching almost 2000 degrees. Mimics 1/40 of the sunlight's energy. It strengthens auric fields in the body.

Wave of Life
It matches the vibrational frequency of the human cells. It resonates with the human cells to activate the cells to function optimally.

Light of Life
2 - 17 THz, which is very good for human body. Frequency Range 100ghz - 10THz, wavelength 30um - 3000um can pass through non-conducting materials, like clothing, paper, plastic and glass.
Terahertz technology has been widely used in medical, aviation, drinking water and other environment life fields.

God's Waveband, also called Mini God in Asia.
Ranked as 'The first of the ten key strategic goals of the national pillar and gave the nation's strength to conduct in-depth research and development.

Benefits f Terahertz Technology

Eliminates Unhealthy Cells 
Same frequency as healthy cells. Unhealthy, abnormal and bad cells will be optimised, absorbed or eliminated.

Activated Inert Cells
Activates cells with moderate temperature, thus eliminating dormant cells.

Increases Self Healing Ability
Strengthens DNA and Organic Molecules, thus enhances self repair.

Unblocks Meridian & Lymph Points
Unblock meridians, stimulates acupuncture points, purify blood and increase metabolism.

Improves Microcirculation
Dilates blood vessels, reduces blood flow resistance and viscosity.

Regulating Gland
Optimises hormones, neurotransmitters, organs and glands.

Removes Body Humidity
Clears unhealthy body moisture and balances the body's immune system.

Blood Circulation
Cleanse blood impurities and inner body. Optimises blood circulation and blood vessels.


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