HEALTHWEST Fulvic Acid 500ml

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Fulvic Acid is a powerful antioxidant.

Faster than any other natural health product to alkalise the body

Boosts energy and concentration

Improves focus

Gained a sense of wellbeing

Prevents free radical damage

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment

Restores and renews cellular life

Boosts endurance

Catalyzes enzymatic reactions

Assimilates vitamins, minerals, and other substances

Reduces nutrient particle size (lowers the molecular weight of nutrients)

Essential electrolytes

It helps your body absorb nutrients, boosts energy levels, and keeps you running all day long.

This is the product for you if you've read about the benefits of Fulvic Acid and want to add it to your diet.


A hectic lifestyle might leave us feeling overwhelmed and drained.

Imagine your body protecting, healing, and maintaining your health.

Fulvic acid is vital in the treatment, prevention, and maintenance of health. It protects your cells from oxidation and premature ageing caused by everyday stress.

What does it do?

It makes nutrients more soluble in the body, making them more available to cells.

It is a potent antioxidant that reverses the effects of excess free radicals in the body generated by food and environmental pollutants. It's also a great electrolyte for maintaining natural equilibrium.

And it helps supply nutrients, minerals, and most crucially energy into living cells. Once within the living cell, Fulvic helps ensuring that the cells acquire the minerals and nutrients they need.


Free radicals are produced naturally by the body to offer energy to cells, combat germs and viruses, and regulate hormones. When systems are balanced, free radicals are produced and managed as intended. Free radicals cause tissue damage and make cells more prone to persistent inflammation, infections, and disease when our system is out of whack.

Fulvic Acid is a potent natural free-radical scavenger and antioxidant that can change bad guys into good guys.

By bonding with free radicals, fulvic acid transforms them into organic, useable compounds that can be integrated into the life sustaining bio-available nutrients that our body needs.

If the free radical's chemical makeup isn't useful, it's mobilised and excreted as a waste product.

Nutritional Value

Fulvic acid dissolves nutrients into ionic form and disappears into the body's fulvic structure. Most of the benefits we get from nutrients come through co-factor interactions. Fulvic Acid is beneficial because it speeds up these reactions.

Inorganic, ionic forms of vitamins and minerals are easily carried into and through membranes and cell walls. The fulvic electrolyte dissolves and complexes the nutrients, making them bio-available, transportable, and absorbable.

In a nutshell, Fulvic Acid enhances the absorption of all nutrients, regardless of source.

Cell Permeability

Fulvic makes cell membranes more permeable, allowing nutrients and waste to enter and exit more freely.


Many people report losing weight after taking fulvic.

Because mineral deficiency desires are reduced, you will eat less, allowing your body weight to naturally balance.

Metal Detox

Fulvic can complex heavy metals and other contaminants from the system. It can either use them or discard them. It cleanses the body of pesticides, radioactive elements, and harmful metals by binding to them and flushing them out.

The Best Electrolyte

Fulvic electrolytes transport important nutrients and trace minerals in our bodies and act as an external electrical force.

Fulvic electrolytes can operate as a donor or a receptor depending on the cell's needs.

They assist maintain natural equilibrium and help each cell work at its best.

It's the Fulvic effect.

Not all fulvic acid is alike. Is it truly Fulvic Acid?

Do you pay for fulvic acid but get colloidal minerals instead?

Because Fulvic Acid is not a mineral, you are consuming colloidal minerals that may include extremely minute levels of Fulvic Acid.

Fulvic acid is a volatile organic acid found in rich composting soils. Millions of helpful bacteria acting on decaying plant matter in an oxygen-rich soil environment produce little amounts of fulvic acid.

The humus is collected, steeped in distilled water, filtered, and bottled.

The amount of Fulvic Acid in various mineral extracts varies greatly. The ‘Fulvic Acid with Minerals' you buy is colloidal minerals with a trace of Fulvic Acid.

Colloidal minerals became famous due to a Joel Wallach cassette tape called ‘Dead Doctors don't Lie', which is still available if you google it. This boosted global sales of Colloidal Minerals.

The scientific community has been researching Fulvic Acid for about ten years, revealing its amazing properties, and now some sellers of Colloidal Minerals have changed their product name to ‘Fulvic Minerals' or simply ‘Fulvic Acid' to reflect the interest and popularity of Fulvic Acid, but they are still colloidal minerals with a trace of Fulvic Acid.

Which Fulvic Acid is Healthwest's?

HealthWest Fulvic Acid is not the same as the above procedure. It is a proprietary technology for identifying and isolating Fulvic Acid-producing microorganisms.

Pure Fulvic Acid is created by feeding helpful bacteria pure organic food in an oxygen-rich regulated atmosphere.

HealthWest Fulvic Acid is free of heavy metals, background radiation, pesticides, preservatives, and other pollutants.

We believe that by adding Fulvic Acid to your diet, you will no longer need to take mineral or vitamin supplements because you will be getting much more goodness from your food.

A 500ml container lasts roughly a month at the recommended dose of 10-15 ml daily.

This is a NATA approved independent analytical reference laboratory's report on HealthWest Pure Fulvic Acid's purity.

Customer Reviews

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Kerry Fazzino
Healthwest Fulvic Acid feeling better

Myself and my husband are currently taking black seed oil and Healthiest Fulvic Acid. My hair began falling and thinned out a lot which was worrying me, the hair falling stopped and is looking normal again and looks better and healthier now. My husband started taking 1tsp black seed oil and 2 tsp fulvic acid every morning in juice with me and his skin is rapidly improving after only 3 weeks. He had small raised bumps all over his feet, he went to a skin specialist 30years ago and his cream never helped. The bumps have nearly completely gone and what looked like a skin cancer on his forehead (which he has had before but had cut out in the past) is also getting smaller! His skin on his whole body looks clearer and healthier than I’ve seen it look for years! We will continue to take this as the benefits on the inside will be just as good I’m sure. 10/10