Miracle II Soap With Moisturiser Gallon (3.8L)

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This is the same formula as Regular Soap with the addition of Skin Moisturising Lotion, consisting of cold-pressed Apricot & Sweet Almond oils, as well as Vitamin E. Miracle II Moisturising Soap, is the perfect cornerstone for any skin and hair regime.

The Moisturiser soap is recommended for people with dry skin and hair.

Note: For general household cleaning and especially windows and mirrors we don't recommend the Moisturiser Soap as it contains natural oils. Miracle II Regular Soap is recommended for all household cleaning and gardening.

My whole family and I use nothing else but Miracle II Soap for all of our personal and domestic cleaning, including and especially on our skin and hair.
We don't need any other cleaning products when we use Miracle II products as people all around the world are discovering.

Bathing in M II soap: After 20 minutes of bathing your skin pores will open up fully allowing the body to de-tox. The pores of your skin will de-tox directly into the bathwater where the soap will neutralise any toxins. Imagine de-toxing while you are lying in a bath!! This is the most luxurious and relaxing way to de-tox.

Miracle II Moisturising Soap is excellent for normal and dry skin and hair, gently cleansing impurities. The special moisturisers contain no synthetic oils and no animal fat or preservatives. It's biodegradable and naturally concentrated. Use it in the bath and shower. For oily skin we recommend Miracle II Regular Soap.

As a cleaner, degreaser and deodoriser, it is truly a gift from God. Replacing all the harmful and caustic cleaning and deodorising products for household and personal care in the home, for industrial and institutional use. This God-given, concentrated formula is made from all-natural ingredients that will clean, degrease and deodorise anything that water won't hurt, carpet and upholstery, and even heavy cleaning such as grease traps and oil spots on the concrete garage floor to your baby's bottom.

Please note: Shake well before use to thoroughly mix the contents.

In Addition: When you order this soap, consider buying our new superior foaming bottle, it's very convenient and makes your soap last longer!

We recommend a dilution of 1 part Soap to 5 parts water.

Contains:Prayer, Electrically engineered eloptic energised oxygenated water, Ash of Dedecyl solution, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Foaming Agent (natural laurel), Cold pressed Apricot, Sweet Almond, Vitamin E, and the Anointing of God.

Miracle II contains and holds spiritual and eloptic energy ("life energy") beyond measure for a miracle for your body!

Note: All our Miracle II products are new and come in the original manufacturers packaging. We do not re-package or alter the product in any way. Our products are manufactured by Miracle II LLC in the USA

How to use: For dry to normal skin and hair. Naturally concentrated and balanced, simply mix it into appropriate strength for your body type (i.e. 1 part soap 6 parts water – weaker or stronger for personal choice).


  •  Know your purchase is supporting several Charities including Smith family and Nature Thrive.
  •  One product for all your cleaning and personal needs.
  •  Especially formulated for sensitive skins and normal to oily skins.
  •  Emits strong negative Ions which have a positive effect on Human plus animal and plant life.
  •  Highly Oxygenated.
  •  Naturally anti-bacterial anti-fungal and antiseptic.
  •  Natural insect pest control.
  •  Free of harmful chemicals.


Miracle II is a 3 part health system!

  1. I Wash with Miracle II green soap (1/6th solution) to clean out the pores of the skin so it can work as the bodies largest de-toxifying organ. A 20 min+ bath is great for de-toxing etc. And the most powerful thing you can do with Miracle II. Its like bathing in a tox-sin magnet as it draws out tox-sins etc from the body and neutralising them.
  2. I take Miracle II Neutraliser liquid internally every day. I Increase my amount and regularity greatly if I happen to get an infection, poisonous bite or sick etc. (first timers start off with 7 drops and build up gradually to one gets the desired results)
  3. Apply Miracle II Neutraliser gel (or liquid) to any and all skin conditions and poisonous bites. Additionally I use the Miracle II Skin Moisturiser and the deodorant stick both are very good.

RE Using Miracle II products: I have found that bathing and showering in miracle II soap and taking neutraliser internally over time will clear up most conditions inside and out. And I use the Neutraliser gel and or skin moisturiser topically when needed.

In a nut shell Miracle II Soaps and Neutralisers, neutralise Tox-sins! What I do is take the Neutraliser liquid internally (start with 7 drops and build up slowly to as much as I need until I get the desired results)

I have found that taking Neutraliser internally 2-3 times a day  (up to every hour or so if unwell, due to sickness,virus or infections etc) and building up to as much as 50ml per dose will remove (or render inert) any unwanted thing from my body!!

I also bath and or shower in the green soap every day (please see dilution rate’s for green concentrated soap)

I also put the bath water onto the garden as the plants love it.

To De-toxify fruit and veggies: I half fill the sink with water and just put a small bit of the miracle II soap in and leave them soak for about 20-30 minutes. For the Miracle II Frequency will neutralise tox-sins in and on them I believe.

We also use the soap for washing our dishes, bench tops, floors, pets (the soap kills fleas and ticks) as an insect spray (the formulation is only harmful to pests and pathogens) and in the laundry.

In fact you can use the Green soap for cleaning anything that water wont hurt and I often take 1-5 drops of soap concentrate in water internally for an internal cleans of parasites etc..

I would also apply the neutraliser gel for any skin conditions IE scratches, sores, cuts, wounds, bruising, rashes, insect stings, spider/snake bites, acne, scalp, hair gel, sun screen (apply every hour or 2), sun burn, pain, arthritis etc. 

NOTE: For serious bites/stings I would apply M2 Neutraliser Gel/Liquid every 2 minutes and seek medical help just in case. (In an emergency if I only had the soap on hand I would apply that in its diluted form. Or the Skin moisturiser as it contains the Neutraliser Gel)

And for dry skin I would apply the Miracle II Skin Moisturiser. Note The skin moisturiser also has some Miracle II Neutraliser Gel in it so can have similar affects as the gel as well.

Please trust and use your intuition for any other use’s you may think of.

When I first start using Miracle II, I strongly recommend having a bath (or foot bath) in Miracle II soap (one can add Neutraliser as well). Especially if I was not well or suffering from a medical condition and bath as many times as I could per week. Normally I would only pat dry my self afterwards as any soap left on could continue to pull out tox-sins for some time afterwards. But if I’d had radiation treatment then I would shower after a bath to stop it continuing to draw out radiation which could burn my skin when not in the bath. That’s how subtle but powerful this is!

Taking a bath in Miracle II Soap and Neutraliser is extremely healing on many levels. Most people report they have a great nights sleep after a Miracle II bath.

Note:The label on the Neutraliser Products use to say “Emergency room in a bottle” which I believe it is.

But because of pressure from big pharma the manufacturer’s had to change it to “Mild suds-less soap” as they can not regulate soap from the people. Very Clever.

Also please be aware the Miracle II soaps and Neutralisers can and do have a drawing effect. Some conditions may get worse at first as they are drawn out.

IE it can pull all sorts of toxins and things out of your skin and internally as well, especially when you first start using it. Many people tell me it can also pull out emotional blockages as well!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
the best soap ever

totally agree with pervious reviewer, have been using it for more than 10 years. use it for absolutely everything in the house, on the body, cleaning, works wonders. plus safe non toxic, non nasty scents, and environmentally friendly.

Diane McCann
Best Thing Ever!!!!

I have been using Miracle II for about 15 years and I use it for everything!!!! It is very cost effective and very good but more importantly it is great for your body. Love it.