ZeoPine Pineapple Zeolite 200g

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Introducing ZeoPine: Your Path to Pure Vitality

Are you ready to experience the extraordinary synergy of nature's finest elements in one delicious package? Say hello to ZeoPine, the delectable pineapple-flavored zeolite supplement that takes detoxification to a whole new level.

Premium New Zealand Zeolite Where Clean Meets Purity

Our journey begins in the pristine lands of New Zealand, home to the world's cleanest and most sought-after zeolite. Handpicked from nature's lap, this zeolite is rich in purity, free from contaminants, and boasts a record of unparalleled excellence. It serves as the cornerstone of ZeoPine, delivering unmatched detoxification and health benefits.

Dynacol™ stands for Dynamic Collision - the world’s most advanced world-wide patented micronisation and activation method used to process zeolite (processed in Australia).

Ball-milling and jet-milling are the conventional methods of micronising and activating zeolite, however they produce a far less efficient product.
Dynacol™  technology and has taken zeolite benefits once again, to the next level.

The benefits of Dynacol™ technology include producing zeolite that is more reactive, has an increased surface area, and a more efficient particle shape and size. Taking the best zeolite we could source and processing it using Dynacol™ technology ensures that our customers receive the best zeolite products in the world.

Medical-Grade Bromelain Elevating Health to New Heights

But the magic doesn't stop there. We've combined this premium New Zealand zeolite with the highest quality medical-grade bromelain. Derived from pineapples, bromelain is celebrated for its multifaceted health benefits. It's not just any bromelain; it's the best of the best.

The Power of ZeoPine:

  • Detoxification: ZeoPine's zeolite component acts as a powerful magnet, attracting and safely eliminating heavy metals, toxins, and radiation from your body, restoring a state of pure vitality.

  • Thyroid Health: Medical-grade bromelain plays a crucial role in thyroid support, offering a natural solution for thyroid-related issues.

  • Digestive Harmony: Bromelain lends its support to digestive processes, promoting smoother digestion and nutrient absorption.

  • Anti-Inflammatory: ZeoPine's bromelain content also delivers potent anti-inflammatory benefits, soothing and calming your body.

  • Anti-Cancer Properties: Bromelain has shown potential anti-cancer properties, making it an invaluable asset to your overall health.

Delight in Every Sip:

Imagine detoxification that doesn't taste like medicine. ZeoPine's irresistible pineapple flavor will have your taste buds dancing. Say goodbye to the struggle of unpleasant supplements and embrace a delicious path to detox and vitality.

Reclaim your well-being, unlock vitality, and elevate your health with ZeoPine. It's the perfect fusion of New Zealand's purest zeolite and medical-grade bromelain, all wrapped in a scrumptious pineapple taste. Your journey to pure vitality begins now.

ZeoPine Lady

Our unique product, ZeoPine, is composed of 85% Pure ZeoOne Zeolite and 15% Pineapple extract for a pleasant tasting yet powerful effect.

This natural substance helps pull toxins from the body, aiding in the reduction and elimination of mycotoxins and heavy metals. Studies have found that Zeolite is rich in alumino-silicates, which are known to improve human health.

Pineapple extract is a source of beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as Bromelain, which aids in the absorption of proteins. In addition, our product is manufactured in a GMP Certified facility, meaning it is safe for people of all ages.

We guarantee you will be impressed with the taste of our product and the many benefits it offers.

Recommended to take 1 teaspoon in a glass of water twice a day before meals. Please drink more water to assist your body in eliminating the toxins.

Our product is third party tested and manufactured in a facility that is GMP Certified.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Pallozzi
Zeo is fine

Seems to work ok


Absolutely addicted this this product I take it daily

Monica Parkinson
ZeoPine Pineapple Zeolite

This product really mixes easily in water and the taste is great !!!
I have been mixing it with the Organic Greens powder and must say that I’m actually loving the taste. Not sure of any changes but I have only been taking it for 3 weeks. Would purchase again to see the benefits of longer usage!

Cherie Jane
Loving the tatse - Yum!!!

This zeolite powder is so easy to drink as it taste so yummy, have only been on it for a short while so a few more weeks to see results.. The service from Alkaline has been Awesome, so Thankyou!

Zeolite powder

Pleasant tasting and zeolite we know is good for you but difficult to actually see results