Hydration must be divided into two systems. Extracellular sodium is the active electrolyte, while intracellular potassium is the active electrolyte. Hydrating our blood and lymphatic system is one example of extracellular hydration. Our brain and kidneys are the regulating organs in this system. When we consume water, it is absorbed into our circulatory system via our intestines and colon.

The kidney is in charge of maintaining a suitable balance of water and sodium (salt). If the salt levels are correct, water will reach its limit (full tank), and any excess will be eliminated by the kidney through urine. If the salt concentration is too high, the kidney will simply remove extra salt with excess water.

The only distinction will be that our urine will be saltier. If there is less salt in the blood, the kidney will have to remove specific amounts of water to maintain the right sodium/water ratio, which implies that the body will have an inadequate amount of extracellular fluids. In this instance, no matter how much water you drink or how much water your body requires, you will be urinating or sweating the water away. It is not because there is no salt to store it, but rather because the kidney is doing its function of calibrating the salinity.

The kidney uses water to remove waste from the blood. Water filters and flushes away any simply digested waste, uric acid, dead cells, and anything else that does not belong in our circulation.

As the water level drops due to a shortage of accessible water or a lack of salt, the brain, as the central system controller, will instruct the kidney to save available water, and the kidney will tolerate larger concentrations of pollutants before removing them. That is seen in our urine. It will darken and smell worse. If your pee is black and stinks, you don't have enough water in your system.

Toxins are another reason for poor water circulation. For example, if you consume caffeine (coffee, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, etc.), your body will flush it out via the kidneys with water. It's known as the diuretic effect. The body will wash it out, but it will lose a lot of water in the process. This dehydrates the body. Because the equilibrium must be maintained, water will lose salt as well. We do not add salt to our water when we drink it, and the water will be discarded till the salt concentration grows. Our bodies store salt in the bones and will dig deep for the reserve if necessary to hydrate. 

Salt deficiency may cause our bones to become brittle.

Life as we know it began in the water. Sea water is still the ideal medium for cellular life. Because humans are made up of trillions of autonomous cells, our health is determined by the health of those cells. Our cells live in plasma, which is similar to the marine environment. It is alkaline, salty, and high in minerals and nutrients.

Its alkalinity prevents disease organisms such as bacteria and fungus from growing. The identical environment exists inside cells, with the difference that there is no sodium, which is substituted by potassium. This is intentional. The cell lacks a mouth and relies on osmosis for hydration and feeding.

The atom sodium (Na- natrium) has 11 electrons in its orbit. Potassium (K-kalium) has a much wider orbit with 19 electrons. Because potassium is so big, it has trouble passing through the membrane and becomes stranded on the interior of the cell.

It just cannot go through. To begin absorbing external liquid, the quantity of potassium inside the cell must be dramatically increased, causing the internal liquid to become more viscous (thicker).The process of potassium penetration is a closely guarded secret that is not taught in medical school. Actually, if the plasma in which the cell is living contains no harmful compounds, the CMR will direct the prismatic body to electrocute sodium that has entered the cell with water. 

This raises its oscillation frequency and attaches it to an oxygen atom. This is a fusion process that creates potassium. In the orbit, sodium 11 + oxygen 8 equals potassium 19 electrons. 

The more sodium that enters the cell, the more potassium is created, and the cell's hydration becomes faster and stronger. You can see how vital salt is for cellular hydration now. Without salt, there is no hydration. Humanity is experiencing cellular dehydration. Many people who are health-conscious and consume plenty of water are nonetheless dehydrated. Let us investigate the cause. 

The first and most important reason is the low salt content. Low salt concentration in extracellular liquid will not only impede potassium production inside the cells, but it will also make the blood thicker and more viscous because it contains more waste that has not been eliminated because the kidneys are saving the remaining water, so the cell must produce a higher concentration of potassium to exceed the viscosity of the blood or serum, which is impossible to do without enough salt. Toxins in the blood or serum, where the cells live, are another explanation. If CMR comes across a toxin that it believes is harmful to the cell, it will cease producing potassium and the cell will stop hydrating. 

In this manner, the poison will be prevented from entering the cell.

The third explanation is a decrease in the electromagnetic potential of the tissue in which the cell lives (shock). When the cell's electromagnetic potential lowers, it signals to the cell that something is wrong, and just like human bodies in a shock situation, it stops eating and drinking and focuses on defence. To create potassium, a healthy quantity of electrical charge is required, which is not present in a shock condition. Our brain functions like an electrical switchboard, directing electricity to places of our choice. By closing particular regions, they get dehydrated and may become acidic and sick, eventually leading to cancer.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, the creator of "The German New Medicine," demonstrated that brain movements cause many illnesses and tumours.

When we look at cellular hydration, it becomes evident that it is nearly difficult to adequately hydrate our cells in our dirty and stressed environment. Even if we consume adequate salt and eat clean food, how do we get rid of stress? We are always worried about something, and how can we not be while we are sick?

Dr. Robert Beck made an incredible discovery. He created a mechanism that increases the electromagnetic potential and fills the cells with electricity while bypassing the brain. In this approach, CMR is stimulated to hydrate and mend the cells. In the chapter on sickness, I discussed how our brain directs electrical currents based on its preferences. To achieve universal cellular hydration, the cells must be inundated with electrical current. 

This will occur while you are deep asleep. The brain merely activates the connections, and the electrical current created by our heart floods our cells, promoting hydration, rejuvenation, and cellular restoration (healing). This is why we require a decent night's sleep of eight hours. People who are unable to sleep while using sleeping medicines do not reach deep slumber. Their sleep is shallow and interrupted often during the night. This form of sleep is ineffective. 

There is one question that I am constantly asked: "Why do we need to take extra salt?" Isn't there plenty of it in the food we eat"? Yes and no, respectively. This means that if we eat properly, we won't need to supplement with salt. Because we eat manufactured and dead food, we generate a lot of garbage that must be disposed of. Eliminating garbage entails flushing it out. We lose water and salt this way. We flush the salt with every diuretic we take. We wash salt out of our blood every time we drink coffee, wine, soda, tea, juice (packaged)... 

We are advised to consume at least 2 litres of water every day. This is so we can flush the toilet. If we ate properly, we would require considerably less water; in fact, our diet would provide the majority of the water we require. There would be very little flushing required since we would burn the nutrients thoroughly, producing very less waste, and, needless to say, consuming far less. In such instances, adding salt is not essential. Simply said, if you want to assist your body stay clean, give it enough of salt and water so it can expel the waste you put in it. 

Dr. Rene Quinton, a French scientist, invented the technique of healing several ailments with sea water in the 1940s. He would immediately inject seawater plasma into the vein. Because sea water is alkaline, salty, and contains over 80 minerals, it can aid to nourish the body. The alkalinity would prevent germs from multiplying, and the salt would aid in the cleansing of the body and cells. He was also highly effective in healing chronic ailments, but after he died, his clinics were shuttered and the information was concealed. The medical profession is clearly not here to heal us. 

Soaking in sea water, which is extremely similar to our plasma, is a fantastic approach to hydrate and cleanse our circulatory system.

Every diver understands that they must urinate after around 20 minutes of diving, then every 10 minutes till they urinate every five minutes. This is due to the body absorbing the salty water, and when it becomes saturated with water and salt, it begins to eliminate them. If you drink enough water, there is no health danger from eating too much salt. It is simply eliminated by the body. The pee begins to taste saltier.

Because cellular hydration is dependent on CMR, we must keep in mind that any therapeutic medication (natural or synthetic) will interfere with hydration. Even a single aspirin will prevent cellular hydration. This implies that if you use any medicine, natural or pharmaceutical, you won't be able to hydrate the cells, which means you won't be able to recover on a cellular level. The true healing occurs at the cellular level. The rest is merely symptomatic balance. 

As you can see, hydration is not an easy task. Water and salt (only sea salt) are required to hydrate the body. To hydrate cells, you need water, salt, oxygen, and electric energy, which the cell can give if it is healthy and may be aided further by an electric charge directed from the brain. Because CMR will not enable cell hydration if there is a toxin in the extracellular fluids, the body must be devoid of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, chemical food additives, and any pharmaceutical cure, even garlic (garlic is a medicinal plant).