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About Alkaline World

In 2013, Richard Ayoub, Director of Saka Water Australia, decided to create an Alkaline World community; a portal for sharing and informing people about the amazing health benefits of living a healthy Alkaline Lifestyle

After several years of promoting Saka Water and educating people on living an Alkaline lifestyle he was blown away by the many benefits people where getting and humbled by the amount of positive testimonials he continues to receive on a daily basis.

Now he is excited to share his knowledge and wisdom through Alkaline World, who’s mission is to supply the best nature made alkaline products and at the same time share the alkaline message throughout the community.

Richard Ayoub


...and this is how it started.

When life hands you lemons…

I have been actively involved in the wellness industry since the late 80’s, however it wasn’t until the year 2000 when my wife started having serious kidney problems, to the point of failure that my real knowledge began.

With a young family of three boys who needed their mother more than anything, I wasn’t about to let them, or my wife down and so, unbeknown to me – my quest began.

Weeks, became months and months, turned into years. Not only did my wife’s health improve dramatically through natural remedies, but the fire in my belly was well and truly lit and I knew I needed to share the information I had gathered with as many people as I could.

Knowledge becomes wisdom…

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Making lemonade…

I discovered the importance of ‘proper hydration’ and that water is key to every living thing – human, animal, fish, bird, tree, plant and flower – which led to the beginning of Saka Water in Australia – the best natural Alkaline water on the planet.

Fast forward to 2014 and I have been blessed to have helped thousands of people with their health challenges through SAKA Water Australia and now as the founder, director of Alkaline World I am excited to share my knowledge and wisdom through the Alkaline World community.