Peppermint Essential Oil 15ml


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Fresh, nostalgic and instantly recognisable, the scent of Peppermint essential oil invigorates the mind and senses, while inspiring a sense of peace. Used topically, Peppermint oil creates a cool, tingling sensation on the skin, making it a favourite for sports massage and an important part of Young Living’s Raindrop Technique®.

Try using Peppermint essential oil aromatically or topically anytime you want to add a pleasant variety to your routine!

When your day is dragging - through a workout, class, or day at work - enjoy some Peppermint oil benefits by diluting and applying it to your head and neck. The refreshing aroma will give you a boost of positivity! Peppermint is also a great option for diffusing on its own or with compatible scents such as Lavender, Rosemary, Spearmint or Sage.

As a culinary necessity, Peppermint essential oil has a bright, cool taste, and is a versatile oil with a well-loved flavour. It’s easy to add this versatile oil to your tea or experiment with it in your baking.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita)
Mentha piperita

Lamiaceae (Mint Family)

Leaves and stems

Steam distillation

Refreshing, cool, minty, herbal

Menthol (25-50%)
Menthone (12-44%)
Menthofuran (0.5-5%)
1.8-Cineole (Eucalyptol) (1-8%)
Isomenthone (1-7%)
Neomenthol (1.5-3%)
Pulegone (0.5-3%)
Menthyl Acetate (1-18%)


Digestive, Musculoskeletal, Nervous, Respiratory, Psyche


💟 Failure
Polar Opposite: Unfoldment
Way Out: I accept growth
Alarm Point: Thymus

💟 Fear of Dependence
Polar Opposite: Freedom
Way Out: I am self-sufficient
Alarm Point: Thalamus

💟 Restriction
Polar Opposite: Mobility
Way Out: I am open to new experiences
Alarm Point: Medulla

💟 Rigidity
Polar Opposite: Amusement
Way Out: It's a cosmic game
Alarm Point: Heavy Metals

🟡 Energy Centre (Chakra): Root, sacral, solar plexus and throat chakras

🌀 Element: Water

Topical - Dilute 1 drop with 4 drops of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex or olive oil. Test on a small area of skin on the underside of your arm and apply on location as needed (temples, abdomen)
Aromatic - Diffuse up to 10 minutes 3 times daily
Inhalation - Apply 1-6 drops of undiluted essential oil to a tissue and inhale occasionally. Use up to 3 times daily
Culinary - Add to food or drink recipes to create another layer of flavour

Avoid contact with eyes, mucus membrane, sensitive skin, or fresh wounds or burns. Do not apply on infants younger than 18 months of age.

✅ Invigorating
✅ Cooling
✅ Energising
✅ Soothing
✅ Focus/Alertness
✅ Uplifts the spirits
✅ Flavour enhancing
✅ Search for more benefits here: National Library of Medicine

Young Living's Peppermint "Wellness" label have the following therapeutic claims

Traditionally used in Aromatherapy:
💥As an antipyretic to reduce body temperature
💥As an analgesic to relieve pain
💥to relieve toothaches
💥To decrease headache symptoms
💥To decrease the symptoms and duration of mild migraines
💥To decrease mild rheumatic aches and pains
💥As an antispasmodic
💥To reduce occurrence of excess intestinal wind
💥To reduce colic (wind/gas pain)
💥To relieve flatulence
💥To relieve loss of appetite
💥To maintain a healthy appetite
💥To help reduce the symptoms and occurrence of indigestion
💥To help increase bile flow
💥To relieve nausea
💥To reduce menstruation pain
💥As a cough suppressant
💥To relieve cough


🔎 Research indicates that peppermint aroma, inhaled during mental tasks, may help attention, performance, and focus (Barker, et al., 2003)
🔎 Peppermint may also be an effective appetite suppressant when inhaled (Hirsch and Gomez, 1995)
🔎 University of Kiel researchers found that peppermint lessened headache pain in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study
🔎 A study published by Meamarbashi and Rajabi (2013) found that daily intake of peppermint essential oil significantly improved exercise performance, respiratory efficiency, and reduced heart rate and blood pressure in healthy males, suggesting enhanced oxygen to the brain and reduced blood lactate level​​


Historically, peppermint has been used for its medicinal properties since ancient times, with evidence of its use dating back to Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations. Peppermint was valued for its digestive and calming benefits, often used in teas and remedies to soothe stomach ailments and headaches.

In the 18th century, peppermint oil began to be commercially produced in England, marking its importance in the herbal medicine market. Its cooling, refreshing properties made it popular in aromatherapy and personal care products.

This essential oil is a product of meticulous steam distillation of 1 pound of peppermint leaves and stems, emphasizing Young Living's commitment to quality and purity. The plant is grown and distilled in North America, the Mediterranean area, and Great Britain.

The oil is celebrated for its cooling effect on fatigued muscles after physical activity and its ability to create a focused environment when diffused. It's also appreciated for the refreshing experience it provides when mixed with shampoo or applied to the skin after being in the sun. Moreover, inhaling peppermint essential oil or applying it topically can produce an invigorating sensation, making it a versatile addition to wellness routines.

Young Living's peppermint oil is included in several of their proprietary blends, including PanAway®, Cool Azul® Pain Relief Cream, and Deep Relief™ Roll-On, showcasing its broad utility in enhancing physical and mental well-being.

Peppermint is a key ingredient in PanAway®, AromaEase®, Aroma Siez™, Relieve It™, and Deep Relief™ Roll-On essential oil blends.

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