Digital Redox ORP testing meter


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-1999mv to +1999mv pen type digital redox water tester ORP meter

New -1999mv to +1999mv pen type digital redox ORP meter tester

Step 1: Put the orp meter into a saturated potassium chloride solution for 2 to 3 hours.

Step 2: Clean the electrode with water, then put orp meter into 256mv standard solution and shake gently.

Step 3: Adjust correction potentiometer with a mini-screwdriver until the reading is 256mv.

How to Use:

Step 1: Remove the protective cap, clean the electrode with water.

Step 2: Press " on-off" key, then put ORP meter into the water, the water should not exceed the waterline.

Step 3: Wait for around 10 minutes until the reading becomes stable, then press "HOLD" key to lock the measured value.

Step 4: After use, clean the electrode with water and wipe off water on the electrode.

New -1999mv to +1999mv pen type digital redox ORP meter tester

How to calibrate the ORP meter?

New -1999mv to +1999mv pen type digital redox ORP meter tester

The importance of ORP meter

New -1999mv to +1999mv pen type digital redox ORP meter tester


1. While testing, gently stir the orp meter to remove the water bubbles on the electrode until the reading pulsate very slowly and reading become stable.

Normally it takes a few minutes or even approximate 10 minutes to stablize the reading.

2. Although the orp meter is waterproof, it should not be immersed in water for a long time, so the water should not exceed the water level in order to extend its life.

3. It is normal for the measured values of orp meter vary irregularly.

Model No: A57-B-1
Measurement range: -1999 ~ 1999mv
Tolerance accuracy: ± 5 mv
Battery: 4×1.5V ( AG-13 button battery)
Operating temperature: 0~50℃
Size: 168×33×20 (mm)
Test item: Test water negative potential value.
Advantages: Fast determination, high accuracy and backlight function.
Application: Swimming pool, aquarium, hydroponics, household drinking water.