Aquarius Triple Bench Fluoride Alkaline Aragon


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This high-quality countertop water filtration system includes all necessary fittings, connectors, and cartridges. That it performs as expected. Made in the USA and Europe with premium materials.
The pressure tested housing is constructed in the USA by a recognised world class water filtration product supplier.
An ARAGON Water Filter and an Alkalising Cartridge are housed in the High Pressure Housing.

The USA casing and the cartridges within make this a great water filter.
It removes fluoride, then pollutants, then helpful minerals, providing alkaline water.

FIlter 1

This fluoride removal cartridge is made in the USA and eliminates up to 97% of fluoride from water. A year or 2000 litres is recommended.

"Selective absorption" is the filtration method. The fluoride ions are eliminated by attaching to the media's oxidised surface.

This very porous substance provides excellent fluoride filtration with a surface area of 200 square metres per gramme.

Filter 2

Best water filter cartridge ever manufactured.

The best way to make safe drinking and cooking water from treated chemical tap water. Our water is now supplied via dams, rivers, bores, recycling systems, and even desalination plants, with vast amounts of chlorine and chemicals added.

This cartridge has been tested extensively worldwide and has some of the best test results we've seen. This water filter cartridge fits any 10" x 2.5" water filter system. This cartridge can be used alone in a single house water filter or in a system with others.

With this cartridge you can remove chlorine, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, cysts and sediments.

Aragon is the latest in water treatment technology for viruses, germs, and cysts. So you may receive perfectly safe and healthy water without boiling.

The Aragon cartridge is as efficient as domestic polymeric UF/MF membranes. But it's more productive and has less pressure decrease.
Filtering and kinetic absorption efficiency superior to typical nonwoven textiles with granular activated carbon.
Totally green. It can treat and decontaminate potable water.
For Treated Water

In order to remove the largest spectrum of chemicals, the new SGS-polymers material for water purification was developed in Europe.

In the manufacturing process, long polymer chains generate a porous yet robust structure. These polymer chains are coated and provide excellent ion exchange.

This SGS-polymer filtration process is up to 20 times more effective than ion exchange.


Mechanical contaminants are precisely filtered out of surface layers. SGS-polymers have shown the best results in complicated impurity removal. Heavy metals and radioactive contaminants are removed by ion exchange and sorption. The Aragon solid block is a bacteriostatic polymer with silver additions and ion-exchange resin granules. Heavy metals and their derivatives are removed via the ion-exchange capabilities of resin and polymer. The Aragon filter removes active chlorine, chlorinated chemicals, and organic molecules.


Replace after 7000 litres or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Test Results

Aragon Bio Removes:

  • Legionella Pneumoophila 99.999%
  • Salmonella Typhimurium 99.99%
  • Poliovirus 99,99%
  • Hepatitis A virus 96%
  • Bacteria E. coli. 100%
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa 100%
  • Colifag f-2 100%
  • Enterobacter cloaceae 100%
  • Suspensions size > 0,5mkm 100%
  • Lead 99.95%
  • Zinc 99%
  • Cadmium 98%
  • Cesium 98%
  • Chlorine 100%
  • Pesticides 97%
  • Aluminum 99.95%
  • Copper 95%


Filter 3

This filter cartridge is full of beneficial minerals, which slowly dissolve into the water, which actively turns your water to high alkaline. Resulting in great tasting water with a high alkaline pH level containing healthy life enhancing minerals.


  • 5 Year Warranty for Housing
  • 1 Year Warranty for Parts and Accessories

⚠️ This system is for use on cold water line only.
Hot water may damage the system.

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Aquarius Triple Bench Fluoride Alkaline Aragon

Water taste smooth and chemical free