Alkanatur Pitcher Replacement Filter


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Alkanatur Filter

The Alkanatur Alkaline Ionized Water Filter, Manufactured 100% In Spain, Is The Result Of 2 Years Of Investigation With The University Of Galicia. It Has All The Certifications Required By The European Union.See Certificates.

The Alkamicronized Selective® Patent Allows Filtering Up To 400 Liters Of Water Free Of Chlorine, Fluorides, Pesticides, Nitrates, Heavy Metals, And Excess Calcium. This Is Possible Thanks To Coconut Charcoal Powder Inside The Filter.

It Does Not Add Sodium, And The Filter DOES NOT Contain Ion Exchange Resin.

Our Alkamicronized Selective Patent, Allows The Filter To Eliminate Up To 400 Liters Of Water Free Of Chlorine, Fluorides, Nitrates, Heavy Metals, Excess Of Calcium, And Much More.

Fast Filtering: 1 Liter In 4 Minutes.
Filters last:
400lt each

The Filter Has Antioxidant Alkaline Bioceramics And High-Quality Coconut Active Charcoal. Providing An Alkaline PH (Between 8.5 And 9.5) Without Adding Calcium Or Sodium To The Water, And Adding High-Quality Magnesium.

The Water Filter Provides A Unique Antioxidant Capacity Of -700mV ORP. Our Patented CAM System (Capacity To Maintain Antioxidant) Allows For 77.7% Of The Antioxidants To Reach The Areas In Your Body By Free Radicals. Most Products Only Use 10% Of The Antioxidants Generated Effectively.

The Filter Is Manufactured 100% With Natural Materials, That Do Not Harm The Body.

The Result Is Fresh, Natural, And Delicious Water.


Alkanatur Jug filter from Alkanatur allows us to filter for 400 liters of water free of chlorine, fluorine, pesticides, nitrates, heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, copper, aluminum and arsenic) and excess lime in the water up to 99, 9%.


The coal is made from coconut shell and is thermally activated in a reducing atmosphere, saturated with water vapour.

The raw material is of plant origin, and therefore does not contain the heavy metals and other contaminants typically present in mineral coals.

When activated thermally, no chemical compounds are used that can leave residues in the carbon.

This Coconut shell charcoal has the pore diameter that most efficiently adsorbs low molecular weight organic pollutants, which are often the most harmful to humans.

Intake mode

It is recommended before starting to filter, introduce in water for 15 minutes, insert the filter into the tank outside the jar, adjust the filter at the top of the tank.

Composition of Alkanatur Drops filter

Antioxidant alkaline bioceramics, Coconut activated carbon.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Monica Parkinson
Replacement Pitcher Filter

Very easy to replace and works absolutely perfectly ! Great product and so easy to use and mail service orders are very fast. Helpful staff too !!!

Carly Wilson

Our family all enjoy drinking water and the taste is significantly noticeable.

Water filter replaced

Such an easy way to keep our water filter working