Vitamin C water filtration products went out of popularity years ago due to their ineffectiveness when compared to alternative filter materials such as Calcium Sulfite and Far Infrared . They did, however, reemerge in the form of a shower filter. Vitamin C shower filters come in a variety of colours and promise to remove chlorine and chloramine from your shower, provide a nice aroma to your shower, and supply vitamin C to your hair and skin.

Aside from the enthusiasm, there is no evidence to back up these claims.

As a consequence, we investigated these claims and gave replies to each one below.


Does vitamin C get rid of chlorine?

It is challenging to claim that Vitamin C filters reduce chlorine. We searched for independent studies that demonstrated the effectiveness but were unable to find any. In an interview with Bloomberg, Neal Langerman, Division of Chemical Health and Safety, American Chemical Society. "From a chemistry standpoint, vitamin C does react with and consume chlorine." The notion has even been validated by the United States Department of Agriculture.

However, when it comes to vitamin C shower filters, they are all a gimmick."The fundamental issue is that there isn't enough time for the reaction necessary to neutralise the chlorine. As a result, vitamin C filters can only remove up to 50% of chlorine. Vitamin C producers' test results and video presentations are frequently deceptive.These tests are often conducted using a glass of water, and they test the material on the water by waiting almost a minute for chlorine elimination, despite the fact that water only contacts the Vitamin C medium for less than a second in a genuine shower experience. To mislead you, vitamin C filter businesses frequently try to conceal this fact by adding perfume to the shower and touting various health advantages of Vitamin C for the hair and skin.


Can Vitamin C shower filters help your hair and skin?

"While a Vitamin C-infused shower sounds good in theory, it will probably provide very little skin benefit," says Dr. Patricia Farris (Dermatologist). "Vitamin C must be carefully formulated and packaged in order to remain stable and prevent oxidation, which renders it ineffective." The majority of it will be deactivated as soon as it comes into touch with air if it is simply sprayed out of the shower.

"Essentially, what you get from your daily fruits should be enough to meet your Vitamin C needs." So the track record of vitamin C filters is weak at best, and upgrading to a vitamin shower head is uncertain and looks to be more of a curiosity than a health requirement.


Is it true that vitamin C removes chloramine?

Various public water providers in various Australian states utilise chloramines instead of chlorine. It should be noted that chloramines are not utilised in all Australian states. While vitamin C may lower chloramines significantly, it is extremely doubtful that it eliminates chloramines since the flow of water through a shower filter is too high to allow the water to come in touch with the filtering ingredient for a long enough period of time to be beneficial.


Is a Vitamin C shower filter less expensive than a Calcium Sulfite filter?

Despite the fact that the production cost of Vitamin C filters is substantially lower than that of a Calcium Sulfite filter. Vitamin C cartridge sellers continue to seek comparable or even higher prices than the Calcium Sulfite Shower filters.

However, Calcium Sulphite filters typically last 12 months based on two 5 minute showers each day, but Vitamin C filters last just 3 months for the same intake, making them more expensive.


What shower filter should I buy?

The most effective material at removing chlorine is Calcium Sulfite, it lasts longer and it can remove “free chlorine” (chlorine that has not combined with other constituents in water) under heavy pressure with hot water. Hence a Calcium Sulfite filter does not lose efficiency under hot water like activated carbon. 
The C360 Shower Filters uses a carefully measured mixture of far infrared ceramic balls and calcium sulfite specifically formulated to remove 99% percent of chlorine.

If you are looking at purchasing a shower filter please make sure the shower filter uses Calcium Sulfite as their core technology for chlorine and chloramine removal.

The C360 Shower Filter also have Far Infrared balls to soften the water and create a 'healing' experience in your bath and showers.


Richard Ayoub