I assume you're familiar with the concept of free radicals. The importance of consuming antioxidant-rich food and supplements is often emphasised, but do you know what antioxidants are and how they help the body?

Let us break it down into easier terms.

Okay, first things first: are you familiar with the concept of free radicals?

Through a process known as oxidative stress, free radicals (which are uncharged, highly reactive chemicals) can cause significant damage to your DNA and tissues.

Well, that's not really the clearest way to express it.

The message is that they are evil and seek to steal your genetic material / DNA.

The following diseases and symptoms have all been linked to oxidative stress;

This disease is called Alzheimer's. ageing and wrinkling Age-related/wrinkle-related cancer Cancer Diabetes Coronary illness Arthritis Autoimmune diseases There's really too much to list.

It's linked to a wide range of illnesses.

But how can we put a stop to it?

Free radicals are continually being produced, thus it's impossible to stop their formation entirely.

Thankfully, with the aid of our reliable antioxidants, we can completely slow them down.

The following foods contain antioxidants, which are the key to defeating our foes (Free Radicals):

Zinc Copper Vitamin C and E In case there was any confusion, the positive effects of antioxidants are; Brain, heart, skin, and joint ageing that are delayed Cancer risk drastically reduced Heart disease and stroke risk drastically reduced Encourages the growth of new, young skin Increases brain function and protection against cognitive decline associated with ageing and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's.

Since we now understand the dangers of free radicals, why wait any longer to start living your best life possible?

Richard Ayoub