Our general health depends on staying hydrated, and using water pitchers/jugs with filtration systems has become a popular way to guarantee clean and secure drinking water. While longtime favourites like Brita have been available, it's time to learn about the superior alternative: Alkanatur water jug. We'll explain why the  Alkanatur water jug not only purifies water more effectively but also puts back in necessary minerals, resulting in fresh, tasty water that nourishes and makes drinking water pleasurable again.

In this blog post. We'll also discuss the shortcomings of conventional water jugs.

The Limitations of Basic Water Filters

Basic water jugs like the Brita concentrate on removing chlorine and slightly enhancing the taste of tap water.

Minimal Chlorine Removal:
Although this is a positive step, they frequently fall short of offering thorough water purification.

Acidification and Salt Inclusion:
Ion exchange resin is used in basic filters to eliminate contaminants. Unfortunately, because the resin could leak hydrogen ions into the water, this process could unintentionally cause the water to become more acidic. Additionally, it could add minuscule amounts of sodium to the water, giving it a faintly salty flavour.

Alkanatur is a Superior Choice

Alkanatur water jugs use innovative filtration technology that goes above and beyond simple chlorine removal. These cutting-edge filters work to remove a variety of impurities, including microplastics, fluoride, heavy metals, and other dangerous compounds, making the water cleaner and safer to drink.

Alkanatur water jugs use natural mineralization to increase the alkalinity of the water, in contrast to basic filters that may acidify the water. Calcium and magnesium, two important minerals, give the water a mildly alkaline flavour that encourages a healthy pH level in the body.

Alkanatur water jugs are excellent at more than just purification. They also replenish the water with necessary minerals, enhancing its nutritional value and giving it a taste that rivals that of fresh, natural spring water (which is alkaline and mineralised ).

Enhanced Taste:
Alkanatur water jugs' superior purification and mineralization provide water that tastes pure, fresh, and crisp without any lingering aftertaste or traces of unnecessary salinity.

Alkaline water has been linked to various health advantages, including balancing the body's acid levels, assisting digestion, and enhancing general wellbeing.

Water that has been added necessary minerals is hydrating as well as refreshing. Alkanatur water pitchers offer hydration that supports your body's physiological processes and fits in with your active way of life.

Basic water jugs like Brita may be a quick way to enhance the taste of tap water, but due to their limited filtration capacity, the purification process may unintentionally add undesirable components like acidity and traces of salt. Notably, when alkalised water is passed through a basic pitcher, the result if acidified water!
Alkanatur water jugs are the obvious choice for a superb water pitcher and filter that offers improved purification, alkaline goodness, and restores critical minerals.


Richard Ayoub