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Micronised Zeolite Powder MZM with Pineapple

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Micronised Zeolite Powder MZM with Pineapple

Activated  Micronised Zeolite Mordinite (MZM) Powder with bio-available pineapple is safe for all ages and deemed beneficial for those seeking a reduction and elimination of mycotoxins and heavy metals from the body. The many scientifically proven health benefits make MZM a preferred option in the daily diet.

MZM is negatively charged and rich in alumino silicates which are renowned to support human health via: detoxification, enabling it to absorb heavy metals, provides immune function modulation, silica supplementation, enhancement of protein absorbtion and advanced antioxidant support, it also supports and assist in the absorption of proteins via the gastric system.

Zeolite is a potent, 100% natural mineral detoxification aid with a unique crystalline structure that can bind, trap and remove toxins from the body. It is a natural mineral complex with a high amount of silica, plus 71 other minerals and trace elements that may assist in restoring the body’s pH balance and energy levels, support the immune system, cleanse and detoxify the intestinal tract, and assist healthy bowel function.

MZM is rich in Alumino silicates which are renowned to support human health via:

  • Elimination of Body Toxins and Heavy Metals
  • Mental Clarity
  • Increased Immune function
  • Increased Cardiovascular Function
  • Increases Protein, Mineral & Vitamin Absorption
  • Reduction of the symptoms associated with allergies
  • pH Balance

Suggested use: Add 6g (2 scoops) to fresh water, juice, smoothies or as your health professional advises.