There is an English saying that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". This is a great truth. An apple is rich with natural fiber, vitamins and mineral and it is obliged to be a part of a daily diet.

  1. Apples contains powerful antioxidants
Although generally fruits and vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants, apple is rich in many important antioxidant , Quercetin, which improves your immunity preventing various diseases. So eat an apple in the morning or at night before going to bed, let it be a regular ingredient in your morning smoothie, et it instead of snacks  or take it as a snack at work.

  1. Apples are good for the eyes
Studies have shown that only one apple a day can prevent cataracts ( blurring lens of the eye) in the later stage of life. So eating an apple should be your habit.

  1. Apples are rich with natural fibers
Apples are the most faithful friends of your digestive system. Also, they help reducing the blood cholesterol, prevent diarrhea and regulates the stool. Of course, there must be noted that the apple keeps you full, so that one apple is enough for between meals.

  1. Apples help in detoxification of the liver
If the liver is healthy, it easily rejects the toxins from your body. Apples are recommended as part of your diet because are good for the liver. It is a reason plus to eat an apple today.

  1. Apple is good for the heart
As already mentioned, the apple with its natural fibers helps reduce cholesterol in the blood, it keeps your heart healthy. Also, apple helps to prevent occlusion of the arteries which prevents heart attack.

  1. Apples help for greater durability
An apple makes the oxygen to be accessible in the lung, which increases your fitness. Therefore it is useful to eat an apple before any physical activity and exercise.

  1. Apples will help you reduce your weight
When you are hungry, instead of reaching for chips or cookies, eat an apple. It will keep you satisfied until the next meal which is great for regulating your weight.
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