Finally! You’ve scored that big interview for your dream job. All seems well - you’ve got your suit, your resume is in order and you’ve studied the company like a book. Except it’s only now you realise that the interview is three days away, you’ve had no time to consolidate answers you have to potential interview questions and suddenly your brain feels like it’s running on overdrive. You could spend hours googling natural remedies that will help you instantly retain information or you could just simply create the ultimate brain-boosting juice that will whip your mind into shape just in time for your big day. 

Alkaline World presents to you the Nifty Nootropic Blend, a must-have for occasions when your brain needs to operate to its full potential.

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this simple tea and juice hybrid will see you enjoying the best of both worlds year-round. The goodness doesn’t stop there, as what gives this blend so much brainpower is a scoop of one not-so-secret ingredient - Zeolite Australia’s Braindivity

Our brain initiates several neurological processes that occur every day. From forming memories to firing messages to the rest of our body in order for us to complete simple tasks like picking up a pen or going for a walk outside, our brain takes care of such intricate processes so that we don’t have to. So why not give it something back to lend a helping hand? 

This 5-ingredient recipe only takes 10 minutes to prepare and will see your brain loving you in return. It might even give you that much-needed boost so that you can get those practice answers down pat and ace the interview!


All you need is:


After boiling the Saka water, pour it into a mug, cup or glass over the Pukka Clean Matcha Green Teabag and stir in the honey. Remove the teabag once you feel that the tea mix is strong enough. Set aside and cool. Once at room temperature, add a scoop of Braindivity and stir in the orange juice. Mix with a spoon until all is combined. For a slightly more citrusy taste, add a slice of lemon and serve. 

Yes, it’s really that easy to make the perfect brain-boosting treat!