Summer is just around the corner. For many of us, that means it is time to shed away our winter layers to absorb some much-needed sunshine. For others, it is an opportunity to rid our bodies of the toxins and pollutants that have left us feeling tired and sluggish over the past year.

Either way, summer is the ideal time of year to strip things back and restart your system. With the warmer weather fast approaching, here are some summer detox tips you can incorporate to boost your health.

Embrace your greens

We’ve all been told to eat our greens, and we should do so with good reason. However, it can be hard to consume enough green fruits and vegetables in our diets to reap the health benefits.

A supplement like our popular Alkaline Greens from Natural Superfoods is the ideal alternative for those who want to boost their green intake. This clean formula pushes toxins out of your system, alkalising your body as it detoxifies. Brimming with barley, wheat and alfalfa, this supplement is a great way to get your greens without drastically overhauling your diet.

Get juicy

Celebrities and wellness gurus are firm proponents, but does juicing really live up to the hype? If you want to detoxify your diet, it sure does – juices full of vegetables, fruits and added goodness like turmeric or chia are great additions for those looking to cleanse their body. Kuvings Kitchen juicers are designed to extract maximum juice with the highest quality nutrients, making it a handy accessory for those looking to incorporate more health-boosting juices into their diet.

Go alkaline

Adopting an alkaline diet is a great way to detoxify your body in time for summer. Rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, this plant-based diet can work wonders for those wanting to watch their health. Supercharge this food plan with alkaline water, which offers a range of benefits due to its superior pH content. Saka Water is often judged as the world’s finest alkaline world, which has the added bonus of being naturally alkaline and certified organic. 

Get a helping hand

Sometimes, our best detoxing efforts may not have the effect we were after. That’s when powerful detox supplements come into play. There are a range of supplements available that can help your body eliminate toxic compounds and pollutants like heavy metals. Our Zeologic Power Detox, which is made from the ancient deposit of zeolite, is the ultimate detoxifier as it is gentle on the body but powerful in instigating repair.

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