From skin benefits to muscle support, collagen is the trendy new supplement that can help improve your overall health and wellbeing. The protein supplement supports the fundamental building blocks of your body and will help you achieve your health goals in 2021.


1. Keeps you looking young

Collagen helps aid skin elasticity and replaces dead skin cells, whilst hydrating your skin at the same time. As you age, your body produces less collagen, leading to a dry and wrinkly face. By boosting your intake with collagen powder, you will find your skin is soft, smooth and firm - keeping you looking youthful! 


2. Strong bones and muscle health 

Helping to reduce the risk of bone and joint diseases, collagen increases the proteins in your blood that stimulate bone and muscle support. This will lead to improved circulation and protection for your body. If you are feeling sore from a workout at the gym, collagen will aid in muscle repair, lowering your risk of injury so you can hit the gym tomorrow! The little collagen “messengers” promote the function of joints and keeps your heart pumping and healthy.

3. Gut-health benefits

Several of the amino acids found in collagen are particularly important in rebuilding the tissue of your digestive tracts. It can also calm any inflammation caused by toxins in the body or those suffering from IBS symptoms. Collagen further helps with digestion by removing the harmful acids from your system and bringing food through smoothly. 

Collagen is one of the easiest supplements to take. Simply add 1 scoop into a glass of water and stir or shake. The watermelon and blueberry flavours are delicious and easy to drink. You will look forward to your collagen every morning to keep you energised throughout the day and sleeping better at night. 

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