Zeolites are located all over the world in small quantities, New Zealand harbouring some of the oldest zeolite deposits in the world. While many people remain unaware of its potential benefits, others have honed and crafted zeolites into powdered health benefits. We are here to uncover some of these benefits so you can better balance your health lifestyle.


1. Toxic Waste Removal
Zeolites in their powdered form can remove toxic wastes from your system. The healing properties can track pollutants and traces of heavy metals from the body.


2. Safe and Easy
Activated Zeolite works rhythmically and electrostatically from the intestinal wall and is disposed through the usual way and not absorbed through the bloodstream. This makes ingesting Zeolites safe and steady to balance the level of pH in your body.


3. Restores Energy
Zeolites are naturally formed and have traces of calcium, magnesium and potassium in its structure. This helps increase protein, mineral and vitamin absorption to help restore energy.

Zeolites are a clean and powerful alkaline formula, an easy health alternative that will keep the toxins out of your system and alkalize your body.

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