Rebounding: the "miracle" exercise that cleans and strengthens your whole body?

Rebounding is often called the miracle exercise. Why? Because it cleans and strengthens every cell in your body, eliminating toxins from the blood, strengthening the cell wall and boosting the activity of infection fighting T-cells.

The average person harbors somewhere between 5-10 pounds of toxic buildup in their body. These toxins slow down your metabolism, depress your immune system, drain your energy, and make you susceptible to colds, flu, or even worse! In addition, if your body is toxic it can't function properly and support the building blocks of your digestion and infection fighting cells.

Here's how it works

Using gravity to apply weight, your cells expand and contract through the upward and downward motion. This gentle "squeezing" movement gives your cells a mini-workout that helps them become stronger and healthier.

In addition, the movement opens the one way hydraulic channels of the lymph nodes and allows harmful bacteria, toxins, viruses and cellular debris to be released and eliminated along with your body's normal waste.

This makes room for oxygen and essential nutrients to enter your cells and nourish them back to optimum health. Plus, rebound exercise boosts your white blood cell count and can even helps improve immune function in cancer survivors and people with HIV/AIDS!

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