Just finished a 7 day wholefood rainbow fast where we ate only food from one colour each day.

Our intention was to feed our body from the the seven colours of light which the food has absorbed from the sun. This would energise the seven chakras, strengthen the seven glands and feed the seven body systems (see below for more on this).

Here are the foods we ate: 

Sunday - Red Wholefoods

Breakfast: Watermelon and Strawberry fresh cold pressed juice
Lunch: Grilled Tomatoes with a Ruby Red Grapefruit fresh cold pressed juice
Dinner: Roasted Red Potatoes with a Tomato, Red Capsicum and Red Radish salad
Snacks: Red Apples

Monday - Orange Wholefoods

Breakfast: Cantaloupe, Oranges and Mango Salad
Lunch: Carrot and Orange fresh cold pressed juice
Dinner: Sweet Potato and Pumpkin soup
Snacks: Dried Apricots

Tuesday - Yellow Wholefoods

Breakfast: Yellow Grapefruits
Lunch: Banana, Pineapple, Golden Kiwi fruit salad covered with lemon juice
Dinner: Corn on the cob with yellow squash, yellow capsicum and yellow bean stir fry
Snacks: Golden Delicious Apples

Wednesday - Green Wholefoods

Breakfast: Avocado, spinach, asparagus and herb salad
Lunch: Lettuce, avocado, cucumber and pea salad
Dinner: Green Smoothie: Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Green Apples
Snacks: Kiwi fruit and Granny smith Apples

Thursday - Blue Wholefoods

Breakfast: Blueberries
Lunch: Baked Blue Potato chips
Dinner: Blue grapes and Blueberries fruit salad
Snacks: Blueberries

Friday - Indigo Wholefoods

Breakfast: Shiraz grapes and Blackberries
Lunch: Kalamata olives
Dinner: Roast Eggplant and Beetroot
Snacks: Prunes

Saturday - Violet Wholefoods

Breakfast: Purple carrot juice
Lunch: Baked Purple potatoes
Dinner: Purple carrot and Cauliflower soup
Snacks: Passionfruits


The Seven gland theory in TCM

Red - sexual glands
The prostate and testes in the male and the ovaries, uterus, vagina and breast in the female. Responsible for sexual energy and reproduction. Referred to as the "stove" because it is energy producer for the other six glands. Called the House of Essence in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Orange - adrenal glands
Supports the function of the kidneys, bones and bone marrow production (cortisone destroys adrenal glands causing anemia and bone weakening). Called the House of Water in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Yellow - pancreas gland
Helps maintain control over the blood sugar levels and body temperature. If the pancreas is weak the blood becomes thick and heavy , which in turn cause poor circulation making the heart work harder. Also, because all seven glands are interconnected, a weak pancreas causes the adrenal glands to go out of balance which in turn affects the kidneys and then the sexual glands. Called the House of Transcendence in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Green - thymus gland
Located in front of the heart and behind the sternum it governs the heart, helps us protect ourselves emotionally and socially and houses our sense of self and not-self. When we say “me,” we point directly to the thymus gland. Hugs, which press “thymus to thymus” build this energy and enhance immunity and a genuine sense of self-worth. Called the House of Heart in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Blue - thyroid gland
Maintains the mitochondrial respiration of every cell in the body and governs growth. An uncomfortable and potentially dangerous side effect of thyroid disease includes breathing difficulties. Called the House of Growth in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Indigo - pituitary gland
Primarily responsible for our emotional life, and has a lot to do with the formation of memories, wisdom, intelligence and thought. Located at the base of the skull in the centre of what appears to be a small hole. Called the House of Intelligence in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Violet - pineal gland
Only human beings have this gland. Intuition and the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one's conduct or motives are associated with this gland. It is the psychic and spiritual centre of our body. It directly effects the other glands through its secretions. Called the House of Spirit in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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