Next time you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms add plenty of these natural immune building foods to you daily food and drink consumption.

  • Scallions, Green Onions or Spring Onions Used in traditional medicine for the common cold as it stimulates the respiratory tract and helps expel phlegm. Contains essential oils that stimulate the sweat glands and promote sweating. Rich in sulfur to inhibit fungus infection and cancer cell growth especially in the colon.
  • Garlic "It’s a pure probiotic which beats, hands down, any known pharmaceutical antibiotic or life destroyer." Garlic promotes circulation and sweating, inhibits the common cold virus as well as viruses, amoebae and other microorganisms.Garlic eliminates worms, unfavorable bacteria and yeasts including Candida Albanians. It promotes the growth of healthy intestinal flora and must be taken regularly for several weeks to initiate substantial improvement in chronic conditions.Simmer four cloves of chopped garlic in one cup water for twenty minutes and drink.For the common cold, sore throats, and sinus headaches, hold one clove of garlic in the mouth for at least 15 minutes, and then consume it. 
  • Oranges Whole food vitamin C stimulates your body’s immune system into action. Oranges reduce the length of time you are sick and how seriously it develops.Some research shows people under heavy physical stress cut their risk of catching a cold in half if they regularly eat oranges.Oranges are among the best source for vitamin C. They average a little more than 69 milligrams (mg); close to a full day’s recommended amount.  To benefit completely from the nutrients, eat three oranges or drink two glasses of freshly pressed orange juice a day.
  • Lemons The most potent detoxifier of all the citric fruits. They kill intestinal parasites such as roundworms and dissolve gallstones. Limonene, responsible for the distinctive lemon aroma, even helps treat breast cancer. Lemon juice improves liver function and has been used to help eliminate kidney stones when taken in the morning.Lemon has many healing uses and is ranked very high in its medicinal value. The juice is a natural protector that may be safely applied directly to cuts, bruises and infections. Good for asthma, headaches, pneumonia and arthritis.  Lemon juice is also beneficial for removing poisons in the form of old drug residues from the body.
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