Clearing a winter Cold

A cold is the body’s method of elimination by dumping toxins, viruses and bacterial overwhelm.

You don't what to suppress a cold and stop you body from eliminating, it will only come back!!!

Here are some tips:

  • Eating or drinking foods high in vitamin C is the number one best thing you can do for a cold. Things like oranges, tomato, grapefruit or pineapple. This can help you get over a cold but you need to drink at least five glasses each day.

  • Another great thing to do for colds and a sore throat is to eat sliced onions. Eat them raw or cooked slowly, do not brown them though. Put them in water and add a squirt of lemon and a tablespoon of honey and mix well. Some people strain the onion out, and others drink it down with the syrup.

  • Garlic is also a renowned remedy for colds. Place a clove under the tongue for 5 minute and discard.

  • Any hot liquid can help cut through congestion. Tomato soup and hot lemon juice work. You may like to add a little cayenne even.

  • Taking sips of water during the night is another way to moisten the nose and help breathing. This will also help to combat the dehydration that can result from a cold.

Go outside

Most of us just rug up inside and turn the heater up when what we really need to do move the body and go outside into the fresh air.

A daily 45-minute walk can help speed up recovery from colds even if its cold outside!!!

A daily walk helps shake up and spread out the cells of your immune system making them more vigilant. Don’t push yourself, though, because exhaustive exercise can actually impair the immune system. If you pace yourself so that you can comfortably talk while you walk, you’re going at the right speed.

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