Pain, illness and disease can be seen as symptoms of your resistance to CHANGE.

When interviewing cancer survivors it was found that they all had a common thread. They would say something like “getting cancer was the best thing that happened to me… it forced me to CHANGE my life.”

One of my favourite sayings is “if you continue to do what you’ve always done you will continue to get what you’ve always got”.

Change is paramount to good health. You often see the Chinese symbol of the Yin Yang used as a symbol for health. Well guess what?, it is also a powerful symbol for CHANGE.

Day changes to night, winter changes to summer, new changes to old, there are constant ups and downs in life. It is sometimes said that the only constant in the universe is CHANGE.

Many of us try and lead a “balanced” lifestyle -  let’s keep things consistent and smooth, don’t allow too much change – to me this is like working against nature, it’s like “flat-lining”, you are getting closer to death instead of flowing with the ups and downs and allowing change to come into your life, which is the true way of nature.

Lifestyle Assessment

Here is a simple Lifestyle Assessment to see where you can make some changes in your life. There are the 7 keys areas to living a long and healthy life as mentioned by Don Tolman, author of the book Farmacist Desk Reference.


On a scale of  0 to 10 rate the following:

(0 being poor and 10 being excellent)


1. How much fresh Air do you get in your day?

2. What is your daily Water intake like?

3. Do you get enough Sun exposure to help increase Vitamin D levels?

4. Do you eat enough Living Foods?

5. How would you rate your weekly Exercise activities?

6. What are your Relationships like?

7. How Passionate are you about what you do in life?

If you have rated poorly in any of the categories you may need to make a CHANGE before illness and disease brings the change to you. A good friend of my has a great philosophy on change:

“Each day challenge yourself to try something you’ve not tried before.”

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