Here are 4 very effective ways to natural get relief from lower back pain. I suggest doing all four of them daily.

1. Hard Thumb Push
  • lay flat on your stomach with your arms out to the side elbows bent and palms flat on the floor as shown in picture
  • have someone push their thumbs hard into the sciatic nerve located at the top of the buttocks in a small indentation at the hips for 30 secs then immediately release. This will start the nerve flux to flow again. Do this exercise every day
  • immediately after have them apply Golden Relief Oil or Healing Chrysm or both topically to areas of pain. This targets the myelin sheaths for healing and repair


2. Bent Knee Push-ups
  • Do bent knee pushups 10-15 reps 3x daily (morning, noon, night) to strengthen back and legs


3. Floor sitting

Do the following floor sitting exercise for 20 mins daily to take pressure of the nerves
  • lay on the floor with your head on a pillow
  • bend your legs and put them up onto a chair so the calves are on the seat and your feet touch the back of the chair
  • reach through and pull the chair as close to you as you can until you feel the pain relief
  • stay in this position with your head on the pillow and feet on the chair

4. Bath Soak
  • for pain relief soak in a very hot bath with 5- 6 fist size Himalayan Rock Salt chunks for 20mins
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