Why learn to breath deeply?

A good balance of the in-breath and out-breath helps keep pH levels balanced.

Breathing in more increases acidity; breathing out more creates alkalinity, as it gets rid of carbonic acid through the carbon dioxide we breathe out.

Most people take breaths that are too shallow and quick.

This type of breathing tells your mind that more oxygen is needed throughout your body.

Your mind now perceives this as a problem increasing your levels of stress, blood pressure and heart rate.

By teaching yourself to take slower, deeper breaths you decrease stress levels, increase oxygen intake giving you more energy and balance body pH.


Try this simple diaphragm breathing technique

This form of breathing is the body’s natural way to breathe. If you observe a newborn baby lying on it’s back you would see a similar rise and fall of the babies diaphragm. After years of poor posture, anxious thinking, tension and pressure result in many of us breathing in a shallow and inadequate manner.

Diaphragmatic breathing is the healthiest form of breathing and is very effective in helping you overcome anxiety.

It is also very useful for relaxation of the muscles (tension).

The Instruction:

Breathe in through the nose out through the mouth.

Rest one hand on your upper chest and the other over your navel area. Notice which hand rises first when you inhale, if the upper hand rises first you are using upper chest breathing. If the lower hand rises first you are breathing with your diaphragm. If both move at the same time you are using a mix of both.

The Practice:

Spend five minutes each day practicing to use your diaphragm:

1. Put one palm on your upper chest and the other over your navel.
(Your objective is to have the lower hand rise first when you breathe in)

2. Breathe in fully - pause for 2-4 seconds and then exhale fully.
(With practice you will find you can do this naturally throughout your day)

3. Allow the air to naturally flow in again as you slowly repeat this cycle.

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