When you learn to embrace the 7 principles of health, as part of a healthy lifestyle program your health will improve, you will feel amazing, you become free from pain, illness and the stressful state of disease. Your life will change forever.


The 7 Principles of Health

 from Don Tolman


1. Air

Clean, Fresh, Moving Air Is The Key

Whilst this may sound redundant you would not believe the number of people who work in an office with no windows all day and wonder why they feel lethargic, fatigued and demotivated and they are clueless to why they feel this way. The air they are breathing is stale, dead, and lifeless. It is barely moving.

Again many people never open a door or window at home to let the fresh air in and stale air out.


Embracing the principle of Air

    • Ensure you breathe fresh, moving air every day, the more, the better.
    • Breathe deeply during the day. Make it a habit to take 5 full deep, slow, long breaths outside when you wake in the morning in through the nose and out through the mouth.
    • Keep your windows open, in your house, in your office and in your car!
    • Buy some indoor plants as they will add oxygen to the air you breath.

2. Water

Next to air, water is the substance we need most and give the littlest thought to. Water is a conductor of electrical current and it has an affinity with air so they electrify one another which is perfect for our electrical bodies.

We are actually a fluid body. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Our brain is 93% water and it needs to be re-hydrated and refreshed every 24 hours. Our blood is 83% water. Our muscles are up to 75% water. Water is the liquid building block that makes up our body and it needs replacing often.


Embracing the principle of Water

    • Drink a glass of water upon waking
    • To electrify water the way nature does, pour water through the air - from one glass to another, or from a slightly elevated height above the glass, or vigorously shake it about in a bottle to change the surface tension
    • Drink 1 glass of water on the hour every hour during the day until your urine comes clear.
    • 8 glasses of water a day will be just enough for the average person.
    • If you get signs of hunger, drink water first!

3. Sunlight


Sunshine as the third principle of health is one of the greatest healing components to many lifestyle diseases. Our bodies, just like plants and other living organisms on this earth, require sunshine to grow, develop, repair and regenerate.

In the same way that the majority of people are dehydrated, most people lack enough sunlight. In today´s modern society we are indoors in our office when the sun is out and we get home when the sun is going down. Not only that, our media teaches us to coat ourselves with sunscreen which contain toxic chemicals and block the beneficial, life enhancing light from the sun.

Embracing the principle of Sunlight

    • Get out in the sun! 20-30 minutes a day on as much of your skins surface as possible.
    • Don´t use sunscreen - Get your sunshine between 9-11am in the morning or after 2pm in the afternoon.
    • Don´t always use sunglasses, they can hurt your vision. Moderate! The sun is amazing for your eyes!

4. Wholefoods

Whole foods from nature´s table are pure life-force and they assist in all bodily functions and over time and distance can allow the body to reach its highest mental and physical capacities.

Whole foods through their electrical frequency (phytonutrients) are the only foods that can be picked up by the electrical signal of the body and used for cleaning, healing and repair.

Embracing the principle of Wholefoods

    • Look at your diet, as it is now and be honest with yourself. Review and study the ingredients of the foods that you are putting into your body and start questioning what dis-ease they may be contributing to.
    • Slowly and gradually try new whole foods and meals and find ones that you love to eat and make them a part of your life.
    • Try shopping at the local market for the freshest alive foods available.
    • And finally be gentle with yourself because your body will be addicted to so many chemicals that are in the standard western diet, do it in baby steps.

5. Movement

movementRegular movement or exercise is one of the healthiest and enlivening things you can do. When you walk, that cross patterning movement of your arms and legs strengthens, cleans and electrifies the entire body.

The Immune and Lymphatic system, which protect our bodies by cleaning our blood and cells of plaque, parasites, viruses and bacteria, is actually only stimulated by movement.

Unlike our circulatory system, which has a heart to pump the blood around the body, the only way to get the immune and lymphatic system flowing through your body is to move and exercise.

Embracing the principle of Movement

    • It´s all about integrating movement it into your life. Where you park the car? Do you use the stairs? Can you eat your lunch in the park?
    • If there´s a certain time of the day that you can do exercise, do it then. It will have massive rewards for the rest of your life.
    • If you can only find the time to walk, walk in the sun for 20 minutes, out in the fresh air and before you leave take a bottle of water and you will have just embraced 4 of the seven principle of health. It is one of the simplest but healthiest things you can do for yourself.
    • It doesn´t have to be hard, go easy but go regularly. Five minutes is better than no minutes.

6. Good Relationships

relationshipsRelationships include those in our personal life, our professional business arenas, socially with friends, with our partners, children, our pets, even with fellow motorists on the road. We are talking about any relationship with another, regardless of the length of time - be it a brief interlude or an association that spans decades, how we interact with others in a non-toxic way is an incredibly important part of the 7 Principles of Health.

If you honestly believe that just one person loves you, it builds the neuro-immune response in ways that it doesn´t build otherwise - that is how critical a belief that we are loved is to our own health and longevity.

Embracing the principle of Good Relationships

    • Learn to love yourself more by acknowledging what other people could do for you that would make you feel good. Tell them, so they can! And do the same for others!
    • Take time out if you feel overwhelmed by negative emotion. In that state we can only react and usually put our pain onto others.
    • And allow yourself to feel love more often with the people you can. They will love you for it.

7. Passion

Passion is the driving force of our life. We all love doing the things we love and are passionate about. They make us happy and true happiness can re-enliven the body and give us energy we wouldn´t otherwise have.

Passionate people are healthy people. Those that do what they love are more vibrant and have more energy and are dis-ease free more than those who aren´t. It´s a documented fact that those who don´t have a passion, or a will to live, after they retire from work, die within 6 months.

Embracing the principle of Passion

    • Every day take the time to become a little more clear on what you like and dislike. Hint: You are probably going to like the opposite of what you dislike!
    • When you find things that you are passionate about, do them - or at least set the date to!
    • Write down your ideal day and then everyday work on making your day more like that one.
    • Believe that you can live a passionate life. Declare how you want your life to be and affirm it every day. Declare you want a vibrant, healthy, passionate life!
    • Make time every day to take action towards your passion or towards finding your passion because no one is going to get up in the morning and be more dedicated to your life than you are.



The 7 Principles Of Health - The Foundation For Healing

from Tyler Tolman

The seven principles of health is the foundation for everything myself and my father Don Tolman teach. This foundation is the key. I realise there are specific components in nature that can affect specific conditions profoundly, and that's great! I like to share this kind of information.

However if you're missing the foundation in general, these super specific whole food treatments are not going to matter anyway. You need to come back to the foundation of what's going to create general healing in our lives. That foundation is built by following the 7 Principles on health - air, water, sunshine, exercise, whole foods, relationships and passion. I would probably like to throw in an eight one there which is Rest. By this I mean relax, massages, hot baths, sleeping.  If you get the first seven right, rest is something that naturally comes as you feel satisfied.

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