Aquarius Water System Replacement Filter Pack

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Aquarius Water System Replacement Filter Pack

Replacement Filter Set
Suita the Aquarius Alkaline Ionised Water System

Filter A
PP Sediment Filter Removes Rust, Dirt, Coarse Sand, Scale, Sand, Silt and Others.

Filter B
GUR Fluoride Filter Removes fluoride, VOCs, heavy metals, Unatural Tastes and Odors found in tap water.

Filter C
KDF Filter Addresses heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide and chlorine. Inhibits bacterial growth.

Filter D
UF Membrane Effective removal of impurities above 0.01 microns, bacteria, viruses, crypto, pesticides, rust and metalic trace elements.

Filter E
Hydro Filter Provides Hydrogen rich water and essential minerals to create alkaline ionised water.



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