500ml Saka Alkaline Water - 24 case

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SAKA - 500ml
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The perfect synergistic balance of natural minerals gives Saka a distinguished smooth silky taste that makes drinking water a pleasurable experience.

Saka bottled alkaline water in enriched with minerals to offer a multitude of health benefits. The perfect balance of minerals imparts Saka bottled water with a unique taste that makes drinking water a pleasurable experience. It is much more than processed water and is the perfect source of true refreshment. It is natural and emerges from the springs of the pristine Koroglu Mountain. This location is far from settlements and is free from any form of contaminants.

The Saka water is bottled at the source in protected aquifers in the most hygienic condition. The process ensures that we can offer you alkaline water in Australia from Source to Bottle just as nature intended it to be. Our bottled alkaline water is 100% natural and helps to detoxify the body. It helps to remove accumulated toxins from your system and effectively boosts the immune system. Our revitalizing bottled alkaline water will hydrate your system and offer protection from a range of health issues. It helps to nourish and counteract the negative effects of lifestyle and diet by reducing and reversing the acidity level in the body.

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